Choosing to study abroad is an important decision and requires intensive research, planning, decision-making all based on many factors. To help students and parents in this respect, the Navhind Times Planet J organized a seminar on studying abroad on Sunday, June 10. Conducted by migration agent and director of Yes Migration Solutions based in Australia and Goa, Rashmi Patil, the seminar covered 5 countries, namely USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. More than hundred parents and students attended the well-planned and executed session at Dempo House in Panaji.

The session began with Patil explaining the benefits of studying abroad, highlighting the quality of education, better career prospects, personal development and networking for the future. She then spoke about importance of planning at least one year in advance to avoid losing a year, and preparing for the required tests like standardized tests like GRE, GMAT and SAT and English language proficiency test. She added, “Some countries like UK require the candidate to show an X amount in their account for a minimum of one year unlike other countries that do not require such a long period. Each country has different requirements and candidates need to prepare for the same.”

In the session that covered the education system in different countries, she explained the various courses, like undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses and their duration along with the QS ranking of different universities. This gave the participants an idea of the top universities in the world and the ones they should look at more closely. The admission process which is rather complicated to most was clearly elaborated upon and through her well-formulated presentation she gave the approximate fee structure of the five focus countries.

Participants who had come with many doubts regarding the application process, visas, funds, etc, had many questions to ask which Patil answered patiently and clearly. She mentioned several new rules, regulations that most participants were unaware of. “IRCC (Canada) has made an announcement on June 8, about the Student Direct Stream (SDS), which is available to students applying for a study permit from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. Students who demonstrate upfront that they have the financial resources and language skills to succeed academically in Canada will benefit from faster processing times,” she shared.

While covering the topic of personal statement she emphasized the need to write accurately and in keeping with the requirements of the country. “When writing your personal statement it is imperative to cover points like, why have you chosen that particular country, course and location. It is equally important to state how the chosen course will contribute to your future educational or career goals,” she added.

Saurabh, a student who is presently studying in Australia was also present at the session and shared his experiences with the audience which was extremely helpful. Signing off, Patil again stressed on the need to research all aspects of studying abroad, and said, “Besides the routine information, students and parents should also consider food, culture, climate, etc before zeroing on a country. Studying abroad is a lifetime investment and a decision should be taken after comprehensive research and thought.”


Got lots of information for migration to Canada for studies.

Ashley Rosario, student

It was extremely informative and had the potential to change a student’s study route for a promising career.

Fatima Shaikh, teacher

Eye-opening with clarity to take decisions.

Hemant Nagvekar

Knowledge-based, well-defined and within time.

Amelia Rosario, parent

Good, informative session about different countries and the various prerequisites for those countries and the significance of overseas education.

Anchit Nagvekar, student

I was given a lot of information and learnt a lot at the seminar.

Chanelle Fernandes, student

Very information and detailed.

Osmond Lobo, parent

A good informative session. Learnt a lot about studying abroad and the different options available.

Clarissa Lobo, student

Interesting, informative and excellent.

Eddie Fernandes

Informative with a lot of details about the different countries. Also very interactive.

Naomi Fernandes, dentist

All details were covered thoroughly. Thank you for the seminar as this will help me decide my career path. A suggestion – Could have focussed on specific careers.

Omkar Paranjape, student

Well-explained and wonderfully clear on the topic.

Aileen Sequeira, student

Very enlightening. The speaker was clear, concise and well-informed. The information given was very relevant, well put and easy to understand. I hope Planet J holds more talks.

Gary Sequeira, student

Many of my doubts were cleared regarding foreign education. The speaker gave a broad classification of the systems in various countries.

Amey Nagvekar, student

Keep going Navhind Times. Great efforts on your part togive back to society by conducting free workshops and seminars.

Jayanti Manohar

Great workshop. Very informative. Ma’am Rashmi tried to give as much information and details as possible. A very useful seminar.

Devashri Kamat, student

A very productive Sunday morning. An elaborate and informative session. The efforts put in by the speaker were evident in the manner the points were put across. Thanks Navhind Times Planet J for such helpful sessions.

Akshata Bodke, student

An extremely helpful session that gave a lot of information.

Rutuja Galkar, student

Very informative however a little more information on the PG courses would have been better.

Bhuvan Salgaocar, student

The pros and cons of the focussed countries was clearly explained which made choosing an option easy for students.

Sampada Phadte, student

Well-explained and all points were covered. Thanks Navhind Times for these helpful seminars and workshops.

Disha Prabhu, parent

The session has helped me and widened my horizon with regards to the SAT examination.

Sneha Phadte, student

Key points though provided were drowned in unnecessary details.

George Edgerton, surgeon

Various options available to students were clearly explained and also the methods to get into the different colleges and universities were pointed out.

Noah Pereira, student

All aspects were explained, some elaborately and some in a nutshell. A very good session. Thank you very much.

Loveleen Pereira, lecturer

An informative and helpful session. Could have included some points regarding scholarships and other potential funding opportunities available.

Sainandan Iyer, student

I learnt that I need to be acceptable to changes and consider food, climate, people, cultural influences, etc before opting for a country to study.

Advait Mudra, student

I was unsure about studying abroad but after the seminar I have a clearer picture and the details covered were very helpful. It was an amazing session.

Sai Desai, student