Voicuntrao Dempo H.S.S. of Commerce shifted to new premises at Cujira

Over 1200 students and 50 odd teaching faculty members of Voicuntrao Dempo H.S.S. of Commerce began the academic year 2015-16 from the new integrated school complex at Cujira, St- Cruz. The spacious structure consisting of all the required facilities has impressed students and their parents

Result of 12th Science Art and Commerce for Goa Board Exam 2015

Class :- XIIth Science, Students Appeared: 250, Students passed: 219, Needs Improvement: 31 (supplementary = 28 + failed = 3). Passing percentage: 88%, Class obtained: Distinction(75% and above): 44, First Class(60% and above): 113, Second Class(45% and above): 62, Pass Class(33% and above): 00

Biodiversity field visits

Report of the biodiversity field visits undertaken As per the planned software interventions, two field visits to observe and learn more about local biodiversity (flora and fauna, in particular) were conducted [...]

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Programme for parents

School level programmes targeting parents were also conducted at a few project schools. As most schools incorporated this activity into a planned programme at their end (exhibitions, commemoration of science day etc.) [...]

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Green project initiative

Four project schools have successfully implemented green projects at their end. These schools were given financial assistance under the TERI-DEMPO project The paragraphs below give a brief account [...]

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