Despite the oppressive heat, 52 students along with teachers and a few parents attended The Navhind Times Planet J workshop on April 14 at the Agnel Institute of Food Craft and Culinary Sciences in Verna. The three-hour workshop aimed at giving youngsters tips on how to create edible art from simple vegetables and fruits. Conducted by carving artist Taeng Orn Silva, the workshop was an attractive mix of education and fun with student’s creativity shining through in the practical session


It was an interesting and amazing workshop and I learnt that besides eating fruits and vegetables can be used differently. I am waiting for the next workshop.

Vaishali Juvekar, teacher

I enjoyed the workshop a lot.

Nisha Chavanke, student

Thank you so much for inviting us for the workshop. We learnt so many things and had a great time. I hope you invite us again.

Sheryl Rebello, student

The workshop was amazing. Enjoyed as well as learnt. Thanks Navhind Times.

Purvi Naik, teacher

It was a super experience.

Frania Gomes, student

Thank you for teaching us this wonderful art.

Roshni Khan, student

It was a very good workshop.

Symran Fernandes, student

I enjoyed the workshop and even made a flower on my own.

Areena Passanha, student

I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Sahil Khan, student

It was a fruitful workshop and I learnt a lot. Can you arrange one in our school please?

Presley Gomes, student

It was very good.

Sancio Fernandes, student

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience.

Shanayai Fernandes, student

Amazing art. Now I can add a special touch to my buffet table through this art. Thank you Taeng Orn Silva and The Navhind Times for this workshop.

Raisa Fernandes, teacher

I loved it!

Erum Malik, student

It was my best day ever as I got to learn so much!

Moses Fernandes, student

The workshop was nice.

Rhys Rodrigues, student

The workshop was very good. I had fun carving the veggies and fruits. Thank you.

Mark Fernandes, student

It was an enriching experience and also great fun.

Pratik Bhosle, student

An interesting workshop and a nice experience. Looking forward to attending such workshops. Thank you Navhind Times for organising it.

Sharmila Gupta, parent

Amazing workshop. I have learnt how to make boring food look good. This technique will last with me for a lifetime.

Manisha Patel, student

It was an great experience learning carving. I learnt many new things. Thank you very much.

Jenisca Fernandes, student

So you so much for a great experience.

Shallen Carvalho, student

Overwhelming experience and I just loved it! Got to learn beautiful things in only a few hours. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks to Planet J for giving me this opportunity.

Rutika Sawant, parent

Awesome workshop and I enjoyed a lot. Got to learn amazing carvings from Taeng.

Priya Vaz, parent

The workshop was really very effective and will help me in the future. What I learnt was very beautiful and creative art.

Sonia Naik, student

Fruit and vegetable carving may appear easy but after trying it I realise the amount of patience it requires. Thanks for organising something like this for all of us.

Blake Azavedo, student

It was an amazing experience and hope to come for more workshops.

Shreya Dessai, student

This was my second Planet J workshop and I enjoyed this one even more than the last. Waiting eagerly for the next one.

Belinda Fernandes, parent

I enjoyed the workshop.

Bhavya Gupta, student

It was a wonderful experience and everyone was so helpful. Thank you very much.

Rutuja Tendulkar, student

We all learnt so much and had fun as well.

Komal Sardessai, student

I really enjoyed making the flowers and carving the watermelon even though they were not perfect. I would love to learn more about this amazing art.

Utkarsh Sawant, student

The workshop was very good, loved it!

Niharika Kamat, student

Thank you for a lovely workshop. I enjoyed a lot and learnt even more.

Anjana Swanat, student

Thank you Taeng for teaching us such a lovely and beautiful art.

Pratiksha Hegde, parent

Thanks Navhind Times for an amazing workshop.

Meenakshi Hiremath, student