DEMPO salutes Mother India!

With feelings of reverence and pride, employees at the Dempo group headquarters, Dempo House, Panaji, marked the nation’s 69th anniversary of independence on the 15th August, on the dot of 0930 hrs.

Escorted by a contingent of Peregrine Guarding Pvt. Ltd, Chairman Shrinivas V. Dempo strode across the rooftop terrace to unfurl the national tricolour, and stood to attention as assembled employees and guards joined him in singing the national anthem. The flag fluttered joyously in the strong breeze that provided a respite to the leaden sky, with a dry spell marking its hoisting. Chairman Dempo then mingled with group employees in exchanging fraternal greetings of the occasion, before re-assembling at the conference hall for further convivial exchanges and tea. Bolstered by the resolve to do all in order to contribute to nation- building, in the sentiment of service to the Motherland.

Vande Mataram!