During the last week of November 2020,  the Dempo Vishwa Gramshala team led on-site community outreach events with our Navelim Primary School faculty and staff. Although younger children are not back in school yet, DVG is keen on maintaining our presence, faith and goodwill among our Stakeholders during this difficult Covid-19 challenge.

DVG Programme Manager Rupali Desai instructed faculty in the use of the newly presented DVG Educational Kit Bags to be distributed to every child in Standards 1-4, still quarantined at home without benefit of face-to-face teacher-led instruction.

Kits include a creative array of art supplies, slates and chalk, balls and skipping ropes for fun exercise, coloring books, and notebooks. Children will be allowed to use these kits at home for both their own projects as well as curriculum-based assignments.

Team DVG explained each item and encouraged faculty to be creative in assigning small, self-led projects which make maximum use of the items and engage children in educational activities while keeping it joyfilled!

DVG Field Representative Samir Nadodkar oversaw the distribution of the kits to Parent Stakeholders at DVG’s three Primary School campuses: Maini, Fanaswadi and Navelim.

By personally organizing disbursement of the kits (through one-on-one meetings with parents held at the Navelim Primary School campuses) DVG had the opportunity to meaningfully engage with our Learning Communities and to gain insight into the welfare of our Stakeholders during the time of Covid-19 through brief, intuitive home surveys conducted by  Navelim Primary School faculty and Team DVG.

Voluntary home surveys included questions regarding the challenges faced by our village households during the time of Covid-19. This data will help DVG be responsive and sensitive to the needs of our Learning Communities and village life, both at present and beyond the pandemic.