Cereals have always held their share of the Indian breakfast platter. Health and wellness are the new buzzwords today. The traditional breakfast is being fast replaced by the Ready-To-Eat-Cereals (RTEC) which are seen as a more convenient and healthier option.

We, at Hindustan Foods Limited, see a big opportunity here. We believe that despite the presence of more than 13 brands in the category, there is still enough room for a brand which offers something ‘extra’ to the consumer. That’s how C’nergy™ was born.

Hindustan Foods Rolls Out C’nergy Breakfast Cereals_3C’nergy™ is a Ready-To-Eat-Cereal with a strong USP. Something which people have considered to be of great value in their meal preparations for ages – Sprouted Cereals! Sprouted grains are ‘living foods’ which are a potential powerhouse of nutrients for all.

Made from the finest ingredients, C’nergy™ multicereal scoops come with the benefits of sprouted cereals, in three exciting flavours- Chocolate, Honey and Mixed Fruit. The name C’nergy™ is derived from the words ‘Cereal Energy’, which is what the brand stands for. While it can be consumed by anyone above the age of three, the brand is specifically targeted at kids and teens.

C’nergy™ has been launched pan India, covering Modern Trade and A- Class General Trade.   We believe it will set a new trend in the RTEC category and carve out a place for itself.