With an eager attitude to gain some knowledge on the skills of fruit and vegetable carving, 89 enthusiastic students along with some parents; attended The Navhind Times Planet J workshop on Sunday, September 18 at the Dempo House in Panaji. The three-hour workshop aimed at giving youngsters tips on how to create edible art from simple vegetables and fruits. Conducted by carving artist Taeng Orn Silva, the workshop was an attractive mix of education and fun with student’s creativity shining through in the practical session.

Silva commenced the workshop with a brief history about herself and her journey in the field of carving. Stressing on how her hobby had turned into her livelihood, she encouraged participants to learn the art, which she said, “Will always come handy.” She then familiarised the participants with the different types of knives and the techniques of carving. Holding the knife correctly and controlling it, she reiterated was very important.

Starting with a cucumber, she showed participants how different vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, lady fingers, brinjals, ivy gourd (tendli), apples besides others could be turned into works of art. Keeping in mind that most participants were new to the art, she kept her creations simple yet absolutely beautiful.

Participants were mesmerised by her deft hand and were glued to the screen as they watched her creating amazing flowers and birds using a simple knife and toothpicks. In the concluding part of the session she explained the technique of deep carving and demonstrated the same on a watermelon and mash melon. She then assembled all her creations on a custom-made stand and the final outcome could only be described as amazing!

After the demonstration, participants were more than ready to try their hand at what they had learnt from Silva; who along with her two daughters and students went from table to table teaching the youngsters how to go about the carving. The buzz and excitement was very contagious and every single participant replicated at least one of Silva’s creations. Some were more ambitious and made several carvings. “Practice will help you get better. Be patient, don’t give up and you can do wonders,” she said to each table. Her encouraging words and invaluable tips gave a boost to all present.


It was simply amazing.
Sarfaraz, Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces
Not only did I learn a lot but I had loads of fun.
Arkhit Patrao, Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces
The workshop was amazing. Enjoyed as well as learnt. Thanks Navhind Times.
Afshan Sayed, lecturer, Santo Miguel HSS, Taleigao
It was a super experience.
Kaveri Kurber, Our Lady of Merces High School, Merces
Great workshop with all basics covered. Thank you Navhind Times and ma’am Taeng.
Suvarna Bhosle, Goa College of Engineering, Ponda
An interesting workshop and a nice experience. Looking forward to attending such workshops. Thank you Navhind Times for organising it.
Shanice Lourenco, Don Bosco HSS, Panaji
Amazing workshop. I have learnt how to make boring food look good. This technique will last with me for a lifetime.
Sagar Nandanwar, Padre ConceicaoCollege of Engineering, Verna
Amazing workshop. I have learnt how to make boring food It was an interesting and amazing workshop and I learnt things I didn’t know.
Sneha Talekar, Goa University, Bambolim
Overwhelming experience and I just loved it! Got to learn beautiful things in only a few hours. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks to Planet J for giving me this opportunity.
Prajyoti Sawant, Goa University, Bambolim
Awesome workshop and I enjoyed a lot. Got to learn amazing carvings from Taeng.
Savia Colaco, Padre ConceicaoCollege of Engineering, Verna
It was an amazing experience and hope to come for more workshops.
Shreyasha Shet Narvekar, Goa University, Bambolim
The workshop was really very effective and will help me in the future. What I learnt was very beautiful and creative art.
Shweta Kumari, Dempo College, Altinho
Fruit and vegetable carving may appear easy but after trying it I realise the amount of patience it requires. Thanks for organising something like this for all of us.
Shannia Azavedo, Don Bosco HSS, Panaji
This was my second Planet J workshop and I enjoyed this one even more than the last.Waiting eagerly for the next one
Sneha Mandrekar, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar
I enjoyed the workshop.
Richa Kartik, Holy Family High School, Porvorim
We all learnt so much and had fun as well.
Kiran Hoble, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar
I really enjoyed making the flowers even though they were not perfect. I would love to learn more about this amazing art.
Lindsay Gonsalves, Our Lady of Rosary HSS, Dona Paula
The workshop was very good, loved it!
Devashri Kamat, People’s HSS, Panaji
Thank you for a lovely workshop. I enjoyed a lot and learnt even more.
Ageema Nazare, Our Lady of Rosary HSS, Dona Paula
It was indeed a very good workshop and extremely enjoyable. I am surely going to make my loved ones happy with the art I learnt. Thanks Navhind Times and ma’am Taeng.
Tanmaya Angane, DM’s College, Assagao
The workshop was interesting. We all enjoyed it.
Shruti Kanbarkar, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bambolim
A creative workshop and I learnt something new. I think I have utilised my Sunday creatively instead of wasting it by sleeping until late.
Naushad Arleshwar, Vidya Prabodini College, Porvorim
The workshop was superb and I enjoyed every moment and gained a lot of knowledge.
Audrey Kartik, parent
I had never attended a workshop like this. I learnt so many new things to do with fruits and vegetables besides eating it. Waiting for more workshops.
Tannavi, Our Lady of Rosary HSS, Dona Paula
Thank you ma’am Taeng for teaching us such a lovely and beautiful thing.
Mahesh Daragond, Santo Miguel HSS, Taleigao
Thanks Navhind Times for an amazing workshop.
Manoj Kumbari, Santo Miguel HSS, Taleigao