Planet J in its continued mission of bringing value to its readers organised a workshop in partnership with IHM Goa and Monin, on mocktail-making on Friday, October 6 at Institute of Hotel Management Goa, Porvorim. Designed specifically for the age group of 16 to 23, the workshop aimed at demystifying mocktails, teaching youngsters the concept of mixology and how to make some simple mocktails at home. Seventy-odd youngsters participated in the two hour workshop conducted by mixologist, Conrad Braganza.

Conrad began the session with an introduction of mixology and the concept behind it. “Mocktails need not be over-sweetened, boring drinks. With a little creativity and basic knowledge on the rules of mixing, anyone can make interesting drinks that are appealing not just to the eye but the taste buds as well,” he said.

The participants were then introduced to the various ingredients, equipment and methods that are used for making mocktails. “Today the choice of ingredients is extremely vast and the availability also is good. This allows for making some exotic drinks with exotic ingredients. You don’t have to stick to ingredients mentioned in a recipe but can mix and match according to your taste,” he informed the youngsters. A variety of mocktails, including herby sorbets, fruity mojitos, coladas and layerd concoctions, using different methods, were demonstrated to the participants who were glued to the screen following Conrad’s steps carefully. Blue Curacao, Strawberry, Passion fruit, Green apple and Caramel were the Monin syrups used in making the simply delicious and cool drinks. Some of the mocktails on Conrad’s menu for the day include: strawberry and basil sorbet, coffee caramel frappe, peach sunrise and blue lagoon. After each demonstration, participants were given the opportunity to taste. Participants waited in anticipation to taste the cool creations and none were disappointed.

The participants also made two mocktails, in groups, putting their newly acquired knowledge to use. After the planned demonstration, participants came forward and became co-creators of mocktails, by adding a contemporary twist to some of the classic mocktails. Drinks like Raspberry Pina Colada and a Mango and Mint Granita were the highlight of the experimental part of the workshop. Prashant, the Monin representative, also got bitten by the mixology bug and created a couple of unique mixed drinks to excite the participant’s palate. Concepts like layering, based on specific gravity, to create unique and aesthetically appealing  drinks were demonstrated. The participants were enthusiastic and created an exciting atmosphere. The event enabled a fun learning and tasting experience for all.

Mixology is an upcoming field in India. Many big multinational beverage brands look to India for growth. I hope this workshop has given you the basic knowledge, concepts and techniques. I also wish you add many more layers to them and become creators at both amateur and profession levels. May the mixology craze continue,” said Conrad as he signed off.


Great workshop.

Vidya Kirtani

It was an amazing experience and we had a great time. Thanks a lot.

Krishna Mapari

The workshop was very interesting and yummy with delicious drinks. Thank you Navhind Times.

Leander Carvalho

It was an awesome workshop. I learned a lot and would like to thank you all.

Murtuja Sayed

One of the best workshops I have attended. Thank you so much for organising it. We really did learn a lot and had lots of fun. Cheers!

Maheshwari Hiremath


Myles Fernandes

It was a great experience, getting to learn new techniques and making drinks in different ways.

Akhil Bhatt

I am very happy that I got to attend the workshop. I had a great time with Navhind Times and my friends.

Deepika Kedar

Navhind Times Planet J always comes with innovative workshops. Learnt a lot and especially enjoyed the drinks.

Fatima Nunes

It was a really good workshop and I learnt a lot of new things.

Felleo Dias

It was a very helpful and knowledgeable workshop.

Maria Rodrigues

It was a really interesting, exciting and creative workshop.

Annika D’Costa

Thanks for organising such a flavourful workshop, enjoyed every bit of it. Waiting for the next workshop.

Harischandra Kamat

It was fun and enjoyable being at IHM and getting to attend the workshop.

Prassanna Torgal

It was a good expereince.

Shubham Ugvekar

It was a lovely workshop and experience.

Vinayak Gupta

It was a good experience.

Shownroy Leitao

I enjoyed the workshop.

Richa Kartik

Thank you Navhind Times for inviting us.

Jassica Fernandes

I gained a lot of knowledge.

Dinesh Kerkar

It was an excellent session.

Luciano Cardozo

We got good exposure to mocktails and its making.

David Araujo

It should have been longer with many more drinks. But I enjoyed it.

Anurag Sinha

An amazing time at IHM.

Dixon D’Costa

It was an amazing learning experience.

Shwetha Kumari

Mr Conrad was very good.

Shailo Sharma

Learnt some new mixes.

Prachee Pednekar

A very well organise workshop and I could see and taste with no workshop.

Chase Pereira

It was very nice and I learnt a lot.

Sneha Hasbe

A great fun and learning experience.

Jude Fernandes

Got to learn and taste some very nice mocktails. Maybe the next workshop can be on cocktails.

Tanushree Chandvarker

An amazing workshop and I enjoyed it completely.

Sherin D’Souza

It was the first time I made a mocktail myself and it was amazing. Thanks IHM and Navhind Times. Enjoyed a lot.

Tanmaya Angane