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Theatre for Creativity, The Navhind Times Planet J’s workshop on theatre was held on Sunday, June 26 at Dempo House, Panaji. Designed specifically for those between the ages of 13 and 19, the workshop aimed at familiarising young people with theatre as a form of art. It also introduced the participants to the basics of theatre, with special emphasis on the role of the creative imagination, collaborative processes and effective communication.

Conducted by renowned playwright Isabel Santa Rita Vas, the half day workshop commenced with an introduction to theatre as an exciting collaborative art, and the benefits of learning theatre skills. The participants which included a parent, Shiva Mandre, were on the floor from the word go. Exercises, mimes, skits and more were included into the meticulously planned sessions.

The warm up exercises that followed included walking around which started at a leisurely pace and then built up to a tempo where participants were literally running around. Besides dispelling the lethargy brought about by the pouring rain, the exercises also gave the participants, who were now wide awake, a taste of what was to follow. The use of voice through greetings and fun words was introduced in these exercises. To test the flexibility of movements, participants were made to imagine their body to be made of different materials like wood, metal, mud, plastic, etcetera and using their body joints they depicted each material very creatively.

In the next exercise emotions like joy, sorrow, surprise, fear and excitement were illustrated through facial expression, voice and the entire body. Under the topic of theatre space, participants explored the possibility of using space creatively. They learnt to use various levels of space, and look at their surroundings as theatre spaces, as they created dynamic and original presentations miming animal movements and various forces of nature like water, fire, wind and water.

The fertile imagination of participants came to the fore in story improvisation whereby each group created small stories, improvised characters and relationships and included elements of conflict and resolution into the plots. The settings included a market scene, a police station, a playground and a bus stand.

To explain the role of the director in a play, Vas entrusted each group with the task of creating group sculptures which gave participants an opportunity to experience what the director is required to do on stage. Leadership emerged as the workshop progressed and fun exercises were undertaken.

Demonstrating the influence of powerful non-verbal communication, each group created fluid sculptures with performers moving very creatively from one concept, like war, to its opposite, peace with ingenuity. Coordination of thought, movement and performance was clearly displayed throughout each exercise.

Fun, laughter and creativity marked the extremely interactive workshop which ended with Vas handing out certificates of participation.


Many thanks to The Navhind Times and Ms Vas for the wonderful workshop that will help me for the rest of my life.
Shiva Mandre, Parent who participated from Benaulim
I enjoyed the fabulous workshop very much and also learnt a lot. I have even made new friends. It was the best workshop I have attended ever!
Advait Mudras, youngest participant at 10 years
I have always loved theatre and this workshop just made me love it more.
Rheanne Quadros, Sunshine Worldwide School, Old Goa
To learn about theatre from a renowned person like Ms Vas was always my dream and it came true. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.
Ashwini Kudalkar, Santo Minguel HSS, Taleigao
I love and enjoyed the workshop. It was really really awesome. I got over my fear of acting in those few hours.
Arantxa Noronha, St Xaviers HSS, Mapusa
The best part of the workshop was that it was highly interactive and fun.
Laila Fernandes, Sharada Mandir HSS, Miramar
I enjoyed the day very much especially with my group. I learned many new things and even made lots of friends.
Sadiccha Sankhalkar, Our lady of the Rosary, Dona Paula
Loved the workshop! Ma’am Isabel kept us engaged throughout and I am sure the hands-on experience will be helpful in the future.
Tanmay Pereira Naik, Goa Engineering College
Thank you Navhind Times for the wonderful workshop.
Srinivas Mandre, Auxilium High School, Benaulim
The best part of the interactive workshop was that I learnt the importance of expression while on the stage and I also met new people.
Mark Valadares, Don Bosco HSS, Panaji
To sum it up, it was awesome. I learnt a ton of stuff and being a dramatic person myself, I will be sure to use it in life. It was super fantastic and I couldn’t imagine it better. Thanks Navhind Times.
Natalie DeSousa, Lourdes Convent, Saligao
I enjoyed the workshop very much and learned so much about the stage, acting and the various concepts we were taught. The best were the group activities.
Salika Dyamanakopa, Santo Minguel HSS, Taleigao
I absolutely loved the workshop! I enjoyed it thoroughly and ma’am Isabel is an adorable and amazing person. I loved being here with ma’am and all the participants. I would love to come back for more workshops on theatre.
Saloni Gaonkar, St Xaviers HSS, Mapusa
An amazing workshop. What I loved the most was that we weren’t sitting on the chairs nor was it a boring talk. Thank you maam Isabel and Navhind Times.
Melanie DeSousa, Mapusa
The workshop showed us how just by changing small things like gestures and voice, we can be more expressive. Expressions can be found everywhere in nature we just need to see it.
Shrinjan Ghosh, Sharada Mandir School, Miramar
I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
Vaibhav Rajamani, Mushtifunf High School, Panaji
A wonderful workshop and we learned a lot about gestures. The group activities were my favourite. Hoping to come back for yet another energetic workshop. I love ma’am Isabel’s work.
Stephanie DeSousa, St Xaviers College, Mapusa
I enjoyed the workshop very much. Learned a lot of finer points relating to theatre. Looking forward to attending more of such workshops. Thank you Planet J and Ms Isabel.
Darren Reveredo, Mushtifund High school, Panaji
The workshop was simply amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful day.
Krutika Gaonkar, Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna
I thank the Navhind Times Planet J for such a wonderful workshop as I learned a lot and got to express myself.
Ratna Mandre, Auxilium High School, Benaulim