School-to-School Level WorkshopsSchool-to-School Awareness and Sensitisation workshops were conducted at all project schools during January – February 2011. These workshops were conducted to touch base with all 30-project schools across Goa and encourage interaction and discussion amongst students

Although students from std. 5-10th were being targeted, ultimately the choice of classes was determined by the individual schools. In certain instances, almost 300 students were present for the session conducted at their premises.

At the workshops, a complete overview of climate change was presented to the students.

A PowerPoint presentation was made that addressed the three main questions under the issue; what is climate change, causes & impacts and responding to climate change. More importantly, the key issues in the context for Goa were highlighted to the students.

A game (quiz) was played with the students to reinforce, recap and ascertain how much content the students had assimilated. In certain cases, a group activity was also conducted to encourage critical-thinking skills amongst the students. A film was also screened, followed by a discussion. Students were encouraged to share the important message that they would take back to their community at the end of the session. A flexible approach was adopted depending on the age group of the audience so as to reach out to them in an effective manner.