After a careful assessment of our rural students’ academic needs in YEAR ONE, the Dempo Vishwa Gramshala programme (a part of the Vasantrao Dempo Education & Research Foundation) launched an exciting new initiative known as the “9th Period.” Modelled after several successful precedents around the globe, the DVG 9th Period offers its students a dedicated Study Hall/ Remediation period at the end of each school day; a dedicated window of time at the end of the school day to address several aspects of our young scholars’ lives not well attended to in a normal school schedule.

The 9th Period offers a structured, on-campus, self-led Study Hall for the entire student body to complete assignments, confer with instructors one-on-one, engage in library activities, personal reading, intellectual pursuits, and the creative arts. Importantly, during this 9th period, targeted, instructor-led group and individual remediation in a variety of subjects is available to students requiring extra attention on an as-needed basis. The 9th period is designed to be an active, final cap on our students’ day, to complete, organize, assess and appreciate the day’s lessons, a time for students to independently pull together the threads of the busy school curriculum. The 9th Period is intended to adapt and expand in scope and variety to meet the wants and needs of DVG’s student stakeholders.

DVG’s plans for YEAR TWO are already underway with the development of full scale Computer Labs at both the Pernem and the Sanguem campus, with photos of the latter school, Government High School at Vaddem, Kurdi. DVG will host a special Sports Festival (Football, Kho-kho, Volleyball and Cricket) during the summer break for students at the Sanguem campus, led by professional Youth Coaches from Dempo Sports Club focusing on co-ed. The last weekend of May, 2018 will be our yearly DVG Faculty Weekend Workshop at Dempo House, a perfect start to our new term and the many exciting innovations yet to come.