Shrinivas V. Dempo was born on 2nd February, 1969 in Mumbai into a Goan family that has had a history of five and a half centuries of business interests and social responsibility behind it.

Shrinivas is the chairman of Goa’s leading business house, Dempo, whose modern-era activity was pioneered by his grandfather, the late Vasantrao S Dempo in the year 1941, with support from his great –uncle, the late Vaikunthrao S Dempo. The businesses were consolidated by his father, the late Vasudeva V. Dempo. The Group’s activities cover calcined petroleum coke production, shipbuilding, newspaper publishing and electronic media, food processing, real estate development, sports promotion, the travel business, renewable energy generation and mining.

Shrinivas Dempo was called upon to lead the family business from the year 1998, using his post-graduate management education in Industrial Administration received at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, to give a new direction to the business group. His stewardship has been marked by expansion of existing businesses, benchmarking of products and processes to international standards, introduction of progressive people management systems, enterprise resource planning, corporate sustainability reporting and the deepening of corporate social responsibility.

The Group’s extensive engagement with Goan society covers institutions and programmes of higher education, cultural enrichment, environmental conservation, sporting excellence and affirmative action, hardly surprising in view of Shrinivas Dempo’s ardent identification of himself and his family with Goan concerns.