Chairman Shrinivas V. Dempo introduces the Group, drawing attention to the Dempo principles of quality and customer delight while underlining the key values we swear by…

Mr. Shrinivas V. Dempo Chairman, Dempo Group

Mr. Shrinivas V. Dempo
Chairman, Dempo Group

It is with much pleasure that I present this, the latest interface between society and the House of Dempo.

Dempo are engaged in a myriad of activities, be they businesses or not-for-profits, each binding us closer to our communities, each step, howsoever modest, serving the cause of nation-building. Each entity, as importantly, demonstrates responsible corporate citizenship, a point I am making with mingled pride and humility.

Through much of the course of our seven-and-a-half decade history so far, we were, and have been, known for making the businesses of resources or commodities our own. But Dempo are more than a practitioner in the raw material business. We build and repair sea-going vessels, publish newspapers, promote a football team, process baby foods, produce chemicals, and operate a travel agency, to describe some of the things that we do.

All through, we have been gratified to have our group-wide product range meet with the approval of our customers.  Their acceptance is down to our commitment to quality, the standardisation of our systems of manufacturing and management, as well as our unflagging team spirit. These practices go hand in hand with our environmental stewardship, our partnerships with civil society, our compliance and cooperation with government, each a matter of record. Our collaborations with business associates and customers have stood the tests of time and excellence, another testimony to the tenet, Ethics makes Excellence.

The journey to excellence is one on which we take along with us all our stakeholders, our goal being sustainable development. Our programmes of social responsibility, many and diverse, are aimed at furthering higher education, promoting sporting excellence, supporting meaningful cultural initiatives, strengthening environmental conservation, backing affirmative action and espousing cleanliness and sanitation.

Let me invite and welcome you to join in on this journey of discovery, enabling an enlightening, rewarding visit to the House of Dempo!

With compliments,

Shrinivas V. Dempo
Shrinivas V.Dempo
Chairman, Dempo Group