The institutions that make up Dempo Charities Trust visualize the formation of youth based on sound, all round development with moral, human and social values. Our motto is “COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL”. As Academic Institutions our goal is to build up well equipped, skillful, honest, hardworking and disciplined citizens who will be able to think, analyze, act independently and be self-confident. The institutions strive to make educational content relevant to life so that attitude, skills and values are inculcated in students to make them better equipped to make the right choices in careers and life.

The name “Dempo” has been associated with philanthropy for many centuries. Their fame has extended beyond the boundaries of Goa and has spread all over India. From days of yore their home was a heaven for the needy students. They have supported individuals and institutions associated with the arts and culture, sports and especially education. In more recent times this philanthropic attitude saw the foundation of Dempo Charities Trust.


  1. Dhempe College of Arts and Science – established in 1962 and located at Miramar.
  2. Srinivassa Sinai Dempo College of Commerce & Economics established in 1966 and located at Altinho.
  3. VasantraoDempo Higher Secondary School of Arts & Science established in 1975 at Miramar.
  4. Voicuntrao Sinai Dempo Higher Secondary School of Commerce established in 1975 at Miramar.

The institutions of Dempo Charities Trust are affiliated to Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations and Goa University. But besides this they are also associated with other educational and professional bodies.

In relation to the trust the former trustee, late Vasudeva V. Dempo’s contribution to education and research in Goa is tremendous. Indeed he gave as much importance to social, educational and cultural activities as he gave to his own businesses. Truly his dedication and sincerity in contributing to cultural, social and educational advancement was beyond compare.

Apart from managing these Educational Institutions, Trust also provides annual scholarships and total financial assistance amounting to Rupees Five Lakhs to hundreds of needy and deserving students studying at the institutions under its management and also students from across and outside Goa.

The Trust has also been extending financial assistance to various Educational, Socio – Cultural and Religious Institutions.

The Trust has recently instituted Twenty Five Scholarships in memory of founder Trustee Late Vasantrao Sinai Dempo for students from Santa Cruz village for pursuing Higher Education. The Trust also supports and promotes cultural activities like music, theatre and festivals promoting Goan traditions. Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Training Camps conducted by Goa University and other professional bodies.

Dempo Charities Trust
Dempo Charities Trust

Further Details

DCT’s Dhempe College of Arts & Science
Goa – 403 001

Phone: 0832 – 2462376 / 2461507

S. S.  Dempo College of Commerce & Economics
Near All India Radio,
Serra Building,
Altinho, Panaji
Goa – 403001

Phone: 0832 – 2226806/2421734
Fax: 0832 – 2421734

Vasantrao Dempo HSS of Arts & Science
Miramar, Panaji
Goa 403 002.

Phone: 0832 – 2463431

Voicuntrao Dempo HSS of Commerce
Panaji – Goa 403 002.

Phone:  0832 – 2463423