In keeping with the constant suggestions and requests by readers to have a workshop in south Goa, The Navhind Times organised a chocolate-making workshop at Agnel’s Institute of Food Craft and Culinary Services, Verna on Friday, February 17. The workshop which was held in collaboration with Morde chocolates, was open to the age group of 15 to 21 years of age and was conducted by Morde chef Bonny Pereira. Designed specifically for youngsters, the workshop aimed at teaching to make simple chocolates at home. Hundred and fifty two students participated in the half day workshop along with a few teachers and parents.

The workshop commenced with an introduction by Periera on chocolate and its features. The demonstration that followed had participants glued to the screen. First on the agenda was moulded chocolate and the process of melting the chocolate was explained. “Melting the chocolate is very crucial for making glossy and beautiful looking chocolates. It is important to break the chocolate into bits before melting as this quickens the melting process,” advised Pereira. “Do not keep chocolate for more than 30 seconds at a time in the microwave and stir frequently. Patience is an important requirement for making chocolates,” he added. Besides the microwave method he also demonstrated the double boiler method. Using polycarbonate and silicon moulds, he made a variety of moulded chocolates.

Crispy chocolate was next and using rice crispies, he demonstrated how easily they can be prepared at home and how ingredients like oats and cornflakes can also be utilised. This was followed by almond rocks made with whole almonds and milk chocolate. Using flavoured chocolates like orange, mango and strawberry, he made multi-coloured as well as layered chocolates that were a feast not just for the eyes but also for the taste buds. Throughout the demonstration students were taking notes and one could see the concentration on their faces as they tried to absorb every word, Pereira said. Reiterating the importance of patience in chocolate-making he added, “You need to be cool and calm when making chocolate and of course patience is a must.”

After each item was demonstrated, participants were encouraged to ask questions and get their doubts cleared. Besides the regular chocolate, he also demonstrated how to incorporate chilly flakes into mango-flavoured chocolate and the end product was simply scrumptious!

After the demonstration, participants were more than ready to try their hand at what they had learnt from Pereira; who went from table to table teaching the youngsters how to go about making the various chocolates he had demonstrated. The buzz and excitement at the tables was very contagious and every single participant wanted to work with chocolate. The institute had organised three kitchens where participants could practice in comfort and with ease. Morde also supplied more than enough chocolate for all participants and everywhere you turned there was chocolate. It truly looked like Planet J’s own chocolate factory. For most it was a workshop like no other!


Thank you for giving our students a chance to participate in workshop. God bless you all for the effort you make to create memories of a lifetime in these young people.

Sr Flavia, headmistress,, St. Mary of the Angels Convent High School, Chinchinim

It was a very exciting and mouth-watering experience. It was also enriching in terms of knowledge about chocolate.

Leonita Fernandes, Carmel College, Nuvem

I enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot.

Princy Fernandes, working at Sitara motors

It was a very nice workshop.

Rianne Almeida, Fr Agnel’s HSS, Verna

An awesome workshop! Thanks to the organisers for their efforts.

Richa Kartik, Holy Family HS, Porvorim

An amazing and truly chocolatey workshop. Thanks.

Gina Lobo, Carmel College, Nuvem

I enjoyed the workshop a lot.

Sanmesh Chari, Govt. HS, Ganje, Usgao

Chocolate is my favourite and an exposure to its presentation was an amazing experience.

Bindiya Gadkar, Carmel College, Nuvem

As a chocolate lover, the workshop for me was chocolicious. Thank you Planet J for giving me this opportunity.

Larissa Fernandes, Carmel College, Nuvem

I learned a lot from this workshop. It was awesome and so chocolatey.

Hardika Vernekar, working

It was a lovely workshop and hope to attend more.

Vibhuti Kamat, VM Salgaocar College of Law, Panaji

Thanks a ton to Planet J for the workshop. Please continue to have workshops in the south and many thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Jewella Valadares, Carmel College, Nuvem

Education is not only learning but also imparting knowledge to others. I learned so much.

Siddhi Vernekar, working

It was a very informative workshop and I loved it. Please have the next one on cake making.

Vaishnavi Sawant, VM Salgaocar College of Law, Panaji

Now please have some advance chocolate-making courses on chocolate-making.

Fiorella Fernandes, Our Lady of Rosary HSS, Dona Paula

I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Melba Pereira, St Mary of the Angel’s High School, Chinchinim

I learnt how to make many different types of chocolates. Please have more workshops in the south.


Fedora Fernandes, Damodar College, Margao

I am inspired by this workshop and would love to attend many more.

Saima Mannur, St Mary of the Angel’s High School, Chinchinim

It was a good experience and I learnt so much.

Vicky Pereira, Guardian Angel Institute of Hotel Management, Curchorem

It was so good that I want it to be held every month.

Anabel Noronha, Fatima Convent, Margao

Truly loved it! I am never gonna miss any Planet J workshop for sure.

Riddhima Nair, Bhatikar High School, Margao

Cool workshop. Very inspirational. Thank you chef Bonny.

Wesley Vaz, Guardian Angel Institute of Hotel Management, Curchorem

A very inspirational and creative workshop.

Delies Miranda, Government ITI, Margao

I enjoyed the way chef shared tips and tricks for the perfect outcome. Thanks Planet J for this opportunity.

Isha Kakodkar, Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn about everyone’s favourite dessert.

Nisha Bothelo, People’s HSS, Panaji

The workshop was really amazing and I enjoyed it.

Luinell Baretto, working

I want to start my own shop and this workshop inspired and helped me.

Sohail Shaikh, Government ITI, Margao

Thanks Navhind Times and chef Bonny for the amazing experience.

Aquina Colaco, Rosary College, Navelim

A marvellous workshop which was well organised.

Morgan Cardoso, VM Salgaocar Institute of Hotel Mngt, Raia

It was worth attending the workshop.

Bradlee Vaz, Govt ITI, Panaji

It was a lovely and inspiring workshop.

Nashita Da Silva, Fr Agnel’s HSS, Verna