The year 2016 promises to be a milestone in the annals of the Dempo group of entities. Come 4th March, and we shall be marking the birth centenary of the group founder, the late Vasantrao S. Dempo, a captain of industry who is recognised as one of the few makers of modern Goa (and was awarded a Padmashree by the Government of India in 1991 for his exemplary services to industry). A philanthropist without equal, an educationist without parallel, Vasantrao was Chairman Emeritus of the Dempo Group of Companies, famed as much for his aristocratic bearing as for his game-changing industrial exploits in the group’s flagship activity, the mining and export of iron ore.

In the year 2007, the group published a special issue of its in-house journal, ‘Kalpavriksha’ (a term used in the region to designate the coconut tree, a sacred symbol dear to the late Vasantrao in life). The special number was devoted almost wholly to our Founder.

In preparation for the date with history early next year that the Dempo Group shall be keeping, we take pleasure in reproducing large sections of the special issue of ‘Kalpavriksha’ for visitors to the Site. In view of the publication relating to a time seven years ago, a few of the developments in the group’s activities since need to be put into the proper context. As such, you are invited first to read the explanatory editorial note below, before dipping into the sections that evoke the multiple facets of the extraordinary personality that Vasantrao S Dempo was, a figure of reverence and inspiration to all at DEMPO.

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Kalpavriksha Family

Where else has there been such an unbroken line of genius from generation to generation? The Dempos have shown, more than any other clan, how resources can be conserved, marshalled, consolidated from age to age, throughout with utter integrity.

Bhau As I Saw Him

From the moment of his birth, Vasantrao seemed destined to lead. Not just in the world at large, but at home and hearth as well. An affectionate tribute to the grandfather and patriarch by Akshata Virginkar.

Editorial Note:-
References to the companies, V S Dempo & Co. Pvt. Ltd and Dempo Mining Corporation Pvt. Ltd in the special sections may please be read and understood as subject to the development that the two concerns, representing the iron ore mining and logistics businesses of the Group, were divested in favour of Sesa Goa Ltd (since named Vedanta Ltd) in June, 2009.