Dempo Vishwa Gramshala finished all our major infrastructure projects just in time to welcome our students back to their renovated, improved and enriched campus environments at the beginning of the term, but the real test is how well our Stakeholders put them to use in the daily routine of their lives at school.

At GHS Kasarpal, students are full steam ahead on the robotics programme in the newly renovated and developed DVG computer lab.

The DVG Library is now doing double-duty as a clean, sunlit, spacious art space, with glass tables, bulletin boards and new cabinets for books and art supplies.

Students are enjoying the new facilities at the Kasarpal DVG Science lab equipped with new granite counters, shelves and lab tables modelled after the state-of-the-art labs at the Vasantrao Dempo Higher Secondary School of Arts, Science and Commerce at Cujira.

GHS Sal Stakeholders lost no time in putting the new DVG central covered courtyard space to good use with Assembly, Yoga and various other activities involving the whole school. The DVG courtyard is now the thriving heart of the campus, a lively central learning area, paved and protected from the rain and hot sun.

Students assembled in the DVG Courtyard to be instructed on viewing the historic Chandrayan 3 moon landing and continue to utilise the area for both special events and everyday learning requiring a large assembly.

The DVG Library is now relocated into a cooler central room and supplied with chalkboards and new book cupboards. It is now a perfect all purpose learning room as well as a clear and organised library. The old library space is now a dedicated Art Room.

DVG programmes are also successfully underway. DVG sponsored the planting of a garden at GHS Kasarpal’s July Monthly theme of Agriculture and today Stakeholders have a lovely bumper crop of bhendi to show for it.