Dempo Vishwa Gramshala made good use of Autumn 2021 by conducting an exciting Faculty Intensive Training Programme for our Navelim, Maini and Fanaswadi Primary School Teachers.

DVG is premised on face-to-face involvement and participation. Meeting twice a week throughout the Autumn, on-site in Navelim, our DVG team really got to know and understand our wonderful Primary School teachers, their teaching environments and the challenges of rural One-Room School House education in Goa.

The Intensive Training comprised not only professional development and the introduction of new pedagogies, but also lively group participation, personal testimony and sharing of experiences. The Intensive focused on active learning, the principles of Child Centric teaching, and early childhood education as the bedrock of character-building and imbuing civil responsibility in our children.

Renowned educator Dr. Narayan Desai delivered a lively and provocative session on real-life relevance in pedagogy.