Operating from the energies of abundance and joy

We all wish to live a full and fulfilled life and for this we need to have good physical, mental and emotional health. With the right diet and exercise, the physical aspect can be maintained but keeping the metal and emotional part in check is not easy. This is due to the fact that emotions are volatile. To talk about emotions and feelings and how to achieve good mental and emotional health, The Navhind Times invited, mentor, healer and life coach, Meenal Madhukar, on the Talk from the Heart show; that aired on Sunday, September 5 on the Goa365 channel.

An investment banker with two Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Madhukar’s career spanned 25 years in financial services before she gave it all up to pursue her present path. “I used to be an absolutely analytical person and being in the financial field, emotions had no time or place in my life. One day in the midst of my extremely busy day as I was checking some financial statements, I realised I had written, ‘Your life purpose is to heal your self and others.’ I was totally stunned as it was written unconsciously and also because healing for me meant a crocin tablet,” she recounted. That was seven years ago and since then; she has followed her calling, while also helping others to achieve the mental and emotional balance which she believes we all deserve and need to lead a life of abundance and joy.

Leaving an extremely lucrative job and stepping in to the unknown is not everyone’s cup of tea but Madhukar attributed her ease in this area to the knowledge that she would be taken care of. “Most people operate from fear and hence when the external situation is not going according to plan, they panic. Take the example of corona and how it has created fear, anxiety and stress in people around the world,” she said, while explaining the importance of operating from the energies of fearlessness and abundance.

Explaining energy in simple terms, she said, “Everything is energy, including us. Our ideas, feelings and thoughts too are energy. We are always vibrating with something and what we focus attention on determines how we are vibrating. And as Einstein proved, energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed. Hence if we are operating from a negative energy field like fear then we transform our other energies into negative frequencies as well.” Illustrating her point with an example of a television and a remote, she further explained how all are thoughts and emotions have their own frequency and how these frequencies can be changed like using a remote for changing a TV channel.

She then explained how these negative frequencies and energies can be changed into positive frequencies through a simple 13-minute positivity process. “By focusing attention on the heart of who we are and from where we come from our whole being can vibrate more expansively. Awareness is extremely imperative to change,” she stressed. Highlighting the benefits of using the positivity process, she said, “Very soon, you will find yourself being a good observer and being able to see and immediately release the emotions you are experiencing. Just like you take a physical bath every day to keep yourself clean, similarly, this is an emotional bath. If you don’t clean yourself daily, you carry the dirt around with you and then, it creates the stink in your life!