We have all heard that we are the creators of our own reality. So if we really are the creators of our own reality then how do we do it? How do we actually transform our body, health, mental well-being, relationships, and everything else, too? That’s the question Ayurveda physician, author, TEDx speaker and success coach, Dr. Meghana Dikshit, answered as a guest on The Navhind Times, Talk from the Heart show that aired on the Goa 365 channel on May 7.

Dikshit who is also a top NLP practitioner, has over 26 years of experience in the field and has helped thousands to bring about change in all spheres of their lives. Her mission is to provide simple yet effective tools and strategies to everyone through her interactive seminars, thus enabling participants to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals, and realize their true desires.

Relating her story and journey from an Ayurveda physician to a therapist and success coach, she said, “Ayurveda considers complete health as the balance of body, mind and soul. Sadly due to the wrong marketing this crucial mental aspect of Ayurveda has been neglected. So the transition to a therapist was natural but very focussed.” Documenting the causes of her patients diseased conditions made Dikshit realise that the physical manifestation of the problem was deep-seated and based in the mind. She therefore started on her mission to help people prevent the disease by working on their minds by changing their thoughts, actions and environment to impact and bring positive changes not only in their bodies but also their careers, relationships, etcetera.

Using her tried and tested self-development curriculum and result-oriented training module; she guarantees an optimum increase in performance for individuals and entrepreneurs. “Everything is possible if you learn how to rewire your brain and work on your goal,” she said. Explaining the need for this rewiring, she said, “Your life is a result of your habits, and your habits are made up of your thoughts. By rewiring your mind, you can train your brain to think in a better direction and make rewarding decisions that change your life and achieve success.

Asked to define success, she answered, “Since every individual is unique, the definition of success changes. For me, success is being able to do what I said and thought. It is the freedom of time and choice.” She then explained the primary areas of life where change is required to be successful.

Speaking about the connection between, body, mind and success blocks, she said, “Past and present experiences influence how we think, talk and behave. Through our five senses we gather about 40,000 bits of information every single minute and to this we attach emotions. This then causes the release of various chemicals which influence all areas.”

Procrastination is a common part of human behaviour and speaking on this topic, Dikshit said, “Procrastination is not your fault, in fact it is power if utilised correctly.” Explaining her statement with various examples she also gave tips on how to avoid procrastination. “Simplify your tasks, break your work into little steps, identify the four pillars of procrastination and disengage your procrastination tools,” she advised. Many others tips and suggestions were given throughout the show.