Wellness through dance and movement’, an introductory session to Dance Movement therapy was organized by Navhind Times on Sunday, January 12 at Dempo House. The session held with the objective of helping participants experience their inner rhythm and create a sense of balance and well-being, was open to those above 13 years of age. Nearly 80 children and adults participated in the unique session which was described by all attendees as ‘fun and very energetic’.

Resource persons for the 3-hour session were certified Dance Movement Therapeutic (DMT) practitioner from TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Cliszma DaCosta and Ayurvedic doctor, DMT practitioner and TO (theatre of the oppressed) facilitator, Sujata Samant.

Dancing and moving together has its roots in rituals and traditional healing of cultures around the world. Before we start talking, we move. We communicate through our bodies but as we grow older, we rely more and more on a verbal mode of communication,” explained Samant in the introduction. “Movements bypass the conscious mind and directly access subconscious mind thus allowing us to express directly through the body without hindrance of the critical mind,” added DaCosta.

In the session that followed, each participant introduced himself/herself with a movement which was then replicated by the rest. There was a lot of hesitation initially but soon with encouragement and synergy of the group, every participant was more than happy to participate. Their creativity and individualism were exhibited in their moves and from there began the fun and frolic. As the session progressed, inhibitions fell off and all were seen moving without thinking, rationalizing or acting consciously. Movement seemed to flow naturally and spontaneously from the group which comprised senior citizens, educators, children and parents. Each moved with their own energy and enthusiasm, freeing their body and increasing their movement vocabulary with the aid of some relaxing and engaging music.

This was the followed by group sessions which brought out the group dynamics along with the connections that were developed between the group members.


I would like to thank Navhind Times for inviting us (Hamara School) for this session. We all enjoyed the session very much; it was simply amazing and hope to be invited for many more. Do invite us.

Irfan Shimtighar

This was the first time I ever danced. Only did I enjoy thoroughly but my inhibitions too have disappeared.


It was a joyous experience and was pure unalloyed happiness.

Deepika Raikar

It was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed very much.

Santha K N

I felt joyful and warm; my Sunday was well spent. I love coming to Dempo House for workshops.

Diksha Gawas

It was a fantastic session and I enjoyed the session a lot.

Sangeeta Chakrabarty

It was an energy-packed healing body rhythm session. It was most enjoyable and reminded us of our childhood and being children again.

Geeta Mangeshkar

It was a relaxing and fun experience.

Tejeshwi Shet Raikar

Wonderful, unique and very enjoyable. Need more workshops like these.

Anuja Amonkar

Thank you very much for oraganising the session.

Elvis Sequeira

I had so much of fun dancing.

Bindu Gaonkar

Navhind Times never lets me down! It was a wonderful Sunday, very well spent.

Jacinta S

Thank you for the session, it was relaxing and fun too.

Renuka Simoes

It was a great experience. Although I have no experience in dance, I now am very interested in it.

Vishal Gawde

I felt relaxed and liberated. Wish more participants had danced more energetically without feeling shy. I definitely did!

Chanakya HG

I enjoyed every moment, dance move and exercise which helped me to relax. I wish this type of session were held every where so many more people could benefit.

Nikhil Rajput

The workshop was useful in body awareness.

Vinay Rodrigues

It was really fantastic. Navhind Times always organizes so many workshops so beautifully. I love attending them.

Sunanda Chimoji

The session was super. Besides yoga and walking, the dance of exercise was too good.

Beena Stanley

Thanks for arranging this session. It was fun.

Yutika Chari

I danced like never before ad there were no steps I had to follow. I just did what I felt like and it was great.

Nadine D’Souza

It was a fun and freeing experience. I really liked it.

Tareah Fernandes

Wonderful and needs to be organized regularly.

Manuel Sequeira