Wellness through natural therapies with Darryl D'Souza

Health is wealth; is definitely not a cliché. The importance of good health cannot be stressed enough especially in the present times. Darryl D’Souza, an organic farmer, environmentalist, author, TEDx speaker, ambassador of Vegan Nation, founder of Earth Keepers Connect, convener of The New Earth Summit and speaker at The World Parliaments on Spirituality, was the guest on The Navhind Times, Talk from the Heart show, that aired live on Sunday, April 18 on the Goa 365 channel.

One of the most visible faces of alternative medicine in Goa, D’Souza went through 14 years of sickness and suffering that almost ended his life in 2004. His radical reversal from that state to a state of complete well-being within just 1 year of using integrated natural therapies has inspired thousands across the globe to lead healthier lives. His book on curing chronic illnesses with integrated natural therapies, ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’, finds readership in close to 200 countries.

Despite the advancements in the pharmaceutical sector and development of new drugs every year, the state of illnesses and chronic diseases however has not improved. Instead newer illnesses and diseases are now on the rise. “Most chronic diseases like high BP, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, etcetera, are not reversible by using modern medicines. Allopathy treats the symptoms not the root cause hence the illnesses stay and come up time and again,” he said.

Wrong food, he explained was the main cause of illnesses and added, “The worst kind of food is that which comes in packaged containers, especially those that have preservatives and stabilisers. These artificial additives including colouring agents cause a great deal of harm. The main ones being inflammation and ulceration which can finally lead to cancer.” He also highlighted the toxic effects of synthetic body products and home cleaning agents. “Over time the chemicals in these products enter our body though our pores and reach our blood stream. This makes our digestive system and kidneys toxic and also gives rise to chronic illnesses.

Another cause of chronic diseases, he emphasised was electromagnetic fields (EMF). “We have a natural harmonic energy field in our body that radiates through our flesh and bones. However with all the electric devices around ourselves, this field gets pinged and over time people experience various symptoms like fever, fatigue, etcetera.” Disapproving the 5G mobile technology, he was of the opinion that it would cause a lot of harm and hence should be rolled back.

Giving a few tips how to maintain good health, he spoke at length on the importance of physical activity, getting enough of sunlight and earthing. “Walking barefoot for 45 minutes on the ground (outdoors) or on sand allows the negative ions from the earth to enter our body and neutralise the inflammation caused by the above-mentioned factors. Also 20 minutes of sunlight (at about 7.30 in the morning) on your back and 20 minutes on the front, wearing minimum clothing increases our immunity and I would recommend this to everyone.

Using integrated natural therapies, he stated was the way to achieve holistic wellness. “We need to bring back in full strength all our ancient medicine and wellness techniques, like yoga, pranayam, eating with essential oils and maintain a good diet.

With diabetes the most widespread of chronic illnesses, D’Souza explained in detail the causes and treatment. “Milk and milk products, fried foods and complex carbohydrates like rice and wheat should be avoided at all costs. Instead nut milks, oat milk and millets should be used. Frying too should be substituted with boiling, steaming, baking, etc,” he stressed. Giving a recipe for a green smoothie made of cucumber, tomato, mint/curry/coriander/spinach leaves, he said, this taken a couple of hours before a meal would help to remove the oil molecules from the glucose receptors in diabetics.

Asked if there was a cleanse for overall wellness, D’Souza answered, “The best cleanse is to eat healthy, organic, seasonal and fresh foods. All the cleanses that I have mentioned in my book are focussed cleanses and target particular organs but to start with a kidney cleanse is the best.

Calling local and seasonal organic foods as the best super foods, he encouraged viewers to adopt eating healthy. He gave useful and feasible tips on other chronic conditions as well. It was an extremely informative talk with Darry. A Sunday morning well spent!