We at The Navhind Times believe in working hard to bring latest news, insightful views and interesting features to our readers. But we do not believe that our relationship with our readers ends there.

We have always striven to create forums to serve the readers in a much more enabling and uplifting way.

One of the most popular forums is where we invite masters of various fields to share their ideas and experiences with our readers, be it students or aspiring or working professionals. It is a free and free-wheeling conversation with the mastermind of the participants who register with us.

We always take care to get masters from a wide range of fields, so participants of different specific interests benefit. From creative writing to horticulture, from art to make-up, from history to hair care, there have been a hundred of them so far.

The Navhind Times promises its readers to continue serving them through more conversations with masters in the future and more forums for engaging and enlightening them.