As is evident from the multi-generational Dempo business family’s world-view, corporate social responsibility is an article of faith with Dempo. With Devashri, it stands to reason that the bonds we forged with communities local to our operating footprints have earned us the social licence to operate that is so fundamental to the policy and practice of social responsibility. Devashri has made the principle of the three Ps, People, Planet, & Profit the cornerstone of its operations. Our key focus areas include higher education, sports, the environment and public health & sanitation. Our activities are numerous and varied, current and projected, closely bound up with local issues and in the larger interest, social as well as environmental in character. Let me run you through our main programmes in brief, most of which are aimed at communities in Socorro, Porvorim and environs, the locations of a number of our projects:-

  • Providing water filters, water tankers and requisite piping at schools to ensure safe drinking water supplies
  • Sponsoring needy meritorious students for pre-university studies
  • A range of measures to battle the mosquito menace including fogging, larval & indoor residual spraying and mosquito nets treated with repellent
  • Sponsoring 5 toilets for needy families as part of the ‘Swachch Bharat’ mission
  • Scholarships for school toppers
  • Shouldering repair costs on the homes of two below-poverty-line families
  • Sponsoring a non-biodegradable waste baling machine for Panchayat use
  • Climate change awareness programme for Goan school students in collaboration with TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute), Goa
  • Promoting the sporting pursuits of Dempo Goodwill Ambassador in  chess, young International Master Anurag Mhamal to enable him to become Grand Master, to which he has come close
  • Sponsoring, under the aegis of the Forest Department of Goa the upkeep at Bondla Zoological Garden of a pair of leopards and hippopotami each.