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The second Navhind Times Zest workshop was held on Sunday, June 12 at the Dempo House in Panaji. Goa’s first image consultant, Priyanka Row, was the facilitator of the half day workshop which was open to the age group of 23 years and above. The four hour session aimed at giving participants important tips on enhancing their image with emphasis on dressing right.

The class which consisted of students, business men and women, doctors, photographers, corporate trainers, teachers and others began with an explanation on image and its importance. Stressing on the need for portraying the right image, Priyanka said, “Tremendous competition means that individual personality, physical demeanour along with appropriate dressing must fuse into an appropriate picture. Your image should carry your identity – it should be your signature; neither outlandish nor hidden in mediocrity.”

The workshop covered a wide range of topics which included: clothes, colour analysis, self assessment and perfect fit. Under colour analysis she explained how choosing the right colours according to one’s hair, skin and eyes can work wonders. “Choosing the right colours to frame your face, which is your point of influence and communication, is the main objective of colour analysis. Your colour palette is determined by the value, intensity, and temperature of your hair, skin and eyes,” she added. Through a demonstration using different coloured fabrics on one of the participants, she explained this point further.

On the topic of style, she said, “Style is much more than Bollywood or fashion runaway. It is reflected in the way you speak, conduct yourself, the choices you make, the lifestyle you choose, your home, the car you ride and your life’s decisions. There are certain designated styles for men and women in the world – each one of us exhibits them knowingly or unknowingly. Awareness of your authentic style helps you consistently and positively project it.” She clearly defined the seven styles for women and the five styles for men, thus making it easier for participants to understand where they stood and how they could change if they so required.

She then went on to body shapes and types and explained the difference between the two. She also shared rules to dress each body shape, tips for the petite figure, tips to dress a large bust or a tummy and gave suggestions to ladies present on how to dress curves and accentuate the skinny bits of the body. Under dressing right for men, she gave pointers on the right clothes for different occasions right from shirts, trousers, ties, jackets, to footwear.

The question and answer session that followed cleared the doubts of participants and gave them tips on topics ranging from colours, fits, fabrics, accessories, where to shop, besides others.

The next workshop under the banner of Zest is scheduled for September so keep yourself posted!


Thanks to The Navhind Times Zest for a great workshop. We have all benefitted a lot and learnt how to enhance our image by dressing right. It was a very informative and interesting workshop.
Chantal Gracias, assistant headmistress, Mushtifund High School
A time well spent. A wonderful workshop by Priyanka. Thanks a lot.
Mohnesh Badigar, businessman
It was a lovely workshop! A lot of things to learn from and experiment with.
Darlene Fernandes, Law student, V M Salgaocar College
A very informative workshop and Priyanka covered all the aspects of corporate fashion and grooming. Thanks to Navhind Times for arranging this workshop and all the best to Priyanka Row.
Abraham Fernandes, student, Don Bosco College
A good workshop by Priyanka and promise to be there for future workshops.
Ramesh Patil, businessman
It was amazing learning from Priyanka, she enlightened me with her knowledge on grooming and dressing right. Navhind Times Zest, great work!.
Reecha D’Souza, dentist
It was my first Zest workshop and it was great!
Trupti Uskaikar, computer instructor
It was a wonderful workshop. Thanks Priyanka for the insight into dressing right. Your ‘how to’ on everything about grooming has benefitted me.
Manali Grover, physiotherapist
An extremely insightful workshop. The knowledge about colour combinations was very helpful. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my family, friends and colleagues. Thank you Priyanka and The Navhind Times Zest.
Genevieve De Souza, teacher
A day well spent! Awesome workshop that gave an insight on building up our personality and the right body language through proper grooming. Thanks to the Zest team for organising the workshop and looking forward for more on such lines.
Seema Shanbaug, software engineer
It was my first Navhind Times workshop and it was not only fantastic and well conducted but I also had a great time. Learnt many new things that were very interesting.
Bhakti Bichanna, computer instructor
The workshop was informative, qualitative, productive and interactive. Looking forward to more Zest workshops in future.
Domnick Junior Gomes, chemist
From this workshop I learnt there is more to dressing than meets the eye. A real eye-opener session from a good personality.
Russel D’Cruz, student, Agnel Institute of Tech and Design
An interesting and informative workshop. Got a lot of tips on how to dress. Thank you.
Deepa Patkar, advocate
Priyanka did full justice to the workshop which was very interactive.
Blandino Fernandes, service
Priyanka’s tips on colours, patterns and designs will definitely help me in my profession. Thanks Zest team and Priyanka.
Sudhakar Kamble, Photographer
The workshop opened a whole new world to me.
Vishnu Gawas, service
Wonderful tips to take back home and try.
Rena Manezes, service
A very interesting workshop and my knowledge on grooming has definitely improved.
Rabani Nirmani, Service
Thank you Navhind Times Zest. This workshop will help me put my best foot forward.
Sonali Naik, lecturer
The workshop will help me to update my dressing style more beautifully.
Afshan Sayed, teacher, Santo Minguel HSS
Excellent workshop. Priyanka is very professional and up to date regarding trends and aesthetics. Thank you very much for organising this workshop.
Neha Kamat, student, GMC
An informative session and I learnt a lot. Thank you Navhind Times for the workshop.
Nadine Gracias, student, Srishti Institute of Design, Bangalore
Excellent session by Priyanka.
Varsha Kamat, physician
Priyanka enlightened all of us on how to make an impressive and lasting impression.
Archana Nagvenkar,, computer engineer
Good, can do better still.
P R K Prasad, neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon
Time spent well. Priyanka is a warm, approachable and very impressive professional who was glad to share her expertise with us. This added meaning to the few hours we spent together.
Sonali Naik,
I have got a lot of tips from the workshop which was great! Looking forward to more workshops.
Neves Pereira, photographer
Very good workshop but could have added more on ladies make-up and personal level of grooming.
Anupa Akre, service
Very good workshop but could have added more on ladies make-up and personal level of grooming.
Kiran Chari Shah, trainer
One of the most unique and useful workshops I have ever attended.
Sonam Korgaonkar, service