24 year old Goodwill Ambassador GM Anurag Mhamal signed an understanding with Devashri Nirman LLP promoting his pursuits in chess until the year that ends on the 31st March 2020, possibly the final stint in his ambassadorship with DEMPO! Dr. Krishna Gopal Rajanala, GM (HR) signed the understanding on behalf of the DEMPO entity as Head of CSR.

Over eight years ago, young Anurag was adopted by DEMPO to enable him to advance his genius at chess. In a short period of time, he became International Master, followed by Goa’s first Grand Master, illustrating Chairman Shrinivas Dempo’s staunch belief that encouraging talented Indian youngsters leads to global achievement. Indeed, Anurag’s is the most emphatic and shortest example of the full flowering of a Dempo Goodwill Ambassador!

GM Anurag Mhamal is now set on improving his rating so as to get into the Super GM category, a hard haul, but not impossible given his spectacular record so far. With 2490 points in his rating by FIDE, the International Chess Federation, he plans to amass the number he needs for the purpose. We at DEMPO wish him all the very best in this endeavour.

Anurag is now set to take part in the Nationals that take place next month in Sikkim, and is considering a number of options of weighty tournaments in Europe in the year 2020, possibly by late January or February.