With the phenomenal success of its youth workshops under the banner of Planet J; The Navhind Times launched its maiden workshop under Zest; its weekend lifestyle magazine on Sunday, March 20 at the Dempo House in Panaji. With an eager attitude to gain some knowledge on the skills of photography, 76 photography enthusiasts; attended the ‘Photography Master Class’ conducted by veteran photographer, film-maker and founder of the One School Goa – an interdisciplinary creative media school, Shantanu Sheorey’. The three-hour master class aimed at giving participants tips on how to make better pictures and become more sensitive to images.

The class which consisted of students, business men and women, doctors, photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists and others; began with a presentation by Sheorey on his journey as a photographer and ad-film maker; from his Jaganath Puri Rath Yatra images to his fashion and commercial work. The presentation gave participants an insight into his works as he explained each picture and gave a little brief about the techniques involved.

In the next session, Sheorey spoke about photography as a medium of storytelling and said, “Today visual communications has made us all storytellers. Photography is the most powerful democracy and has the digital industry to thank for it. Photography has put image-making and storytelling within every one’s reach as the entry barriers are non-existent.”

Expounding on the importance of photography, he said, “Photography is a universal and powerful language that is understood and spoken by all. It encourages interpretation and expression. More lives have been saved by photographers and visual storytellers than doctors. And it is not limited to just that as today more knowledge is being created and shared by photographers and visual storytellers than any university or library. The impact of photography is tremendous as we are travelling on the highway of visual communication.” His presentation and images had the participants listening with rapt attention. His closing statement of the presentation, “Photography will discover the next Shakespeare because everyone is a storyteller,” was indeed very impactful.

The question and answer session that followed cleared the doubts of participants and gave them tips on topics ranging from light, techniques, cameras, images, exposure, processing, photoshop besides others.

The next workshop under the banner of Zest is scheduled for June so keep yourself posted!


It was a lovely workshop and Sheorey taught me how to visualise and capture moments of emotions.
Gajendra Bhati, Student
I thank Navhind Times for this opportunity. It was a workshop with immense knowledge.
Afshan Sayed, Lecturer, Santo Minguel Higher Secondary School, Taleigao
Excellent workshop. Thanks to Navhind Times Zest and Shantanu Sheorey. I loved it.
Sudhakar Kamble, Photographer
A great experience and it gave me a truly right direction to photography.
Joaquim Rodrigues, Service
Loved the session and found it extremely inspiring. I look forward to getting behind the lens a lot more.
Kenneth Alvares, Student
Nice introduction to the photography scene and open opportunities available in Goa. Would have liked to see a more hands-on introduction to the functioning of professional photography.
Alisha Manuel, Student
Fabulous experience. I got to know a lot about professional photography.
Gyanesh Rai, Service
It was fun, interesting and hoping for some photography courses in the future.
Yash Nervekar, Student
It was wonderful to be guided by an experienced person like Shantanu Sheorey. I learnt a lot in the 3 hours and have really enjoyed myself.
Vaishnav Varkat, Student
It was a good session for me and I learnt about the benefits of post processing.
Vallinadh K, Service
It was indeed a lovely experience. Got to know a lot about professional photography and had a great time.
Sagar Nandanwar, Student
Thanks for organising such a wonderful photography session. Keep up the good work! Also I hope to attend more of your workshops in the near future.
Dhananjay Naik, Businessman
A well conducted photography master class. Shantanu was very good and his presentation was educative.
Agnelo D'souza, Retired
I did not hear anything on techniques of shooting which was what I came for. Next time please organise a workshop on this topic.
Neves Pereira, Photographer
Gave me a new insight into the storytelling aspect of photography.
Joel Vaz, Student
There should have been more on photography techniques and tricks.
Silvestre Pereira, Photographer
A very enriching and motivating session. Thank you Navhind Times for organising it and hope to attend more workshops in the future.
Abdul Wahab Khan, Service
It was a highly informative workshop and Shantanu Sheorey’s pictures and works were wonderful.
Laila Fernandes, Student
Very well organised workshop. The Q and A session was good, giving in depth knowledge to participants.
Domnick Junior Gomes, Service
The workshop has made me realise that each and everyone can be a photographer because every picture tells a story.
Agnes Pinto, Student
Great presentation. Keep it up. We are proud of you.
Sanjay Chopra, Businessman
Ver interactive and informative session. Hope you organise more of such workshops in the future.
Archana Nagvekar, Computer Engineer
Interesting pictures by Shantanu. Helpful ideas.
Roxanne D’silva, Student
It was good and Sheorey is a brilliant storyteller. I got a different perspective attending the session.
Orville Raposo, Service
It should have been more practical knowledge.
Navdeep Aguiar, Student
It was a good session. Hope to attend many more.
Anupa Akre, Service
Learnt a lot and got many ideas about photography. Would like to attend more workshops like these. Thank you.
Wayne Dias, Service
I enjoyed the workshop and know this will help me in the future. Thanks Navhind Times.
Vinay Gauns, Student
It was informative and very inspiring.
Denza Cardozo, Service
It was nice and hope to be invited for more photography workshops in the future.
Sadashiv Salkar, Service
It was a good experience and I enjoyed myself. Thanks Navhind Times.
Pravin Gaonkar, Photographer
I was expecting more hands-on experience but for the amateurs who attended I think it was good.
Ian De Noronha, Student