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Orthopaedic surgeon, Mahendra Kudchadkar was the guest on the Navhind Times Talk from the Heart which aired live on Sunday, August 16 on the Goa 365 channel. Various orthopaedic topics ranging from arthritis, joint surgery, fractures to benefits of exercising and right nutrition were discussed in the hour-long talk.

Kudchadkar who has 25 years experience in the field and whose specialities are joint replacement surgery, sports injury and foot and ankle problems, spoke about the importance of updating one’s knowledge and skill-set and said, “For any professional it is a must to keep abreast of the evolving technologies and advancements in the field to give the best to their patients. Also today patients are demanding for the latest treatments and we doctors need to be a step ahead.

Back-ache and neck pain, Kudchadkar said were the most recurring complaints that he treated and added, “These complaints have always been there however today comparatively younger patients in the age group of 20 to 40 are coming to me with these conditions.” The reasons he cited for this occurrence is the wrong lifestyle which includes improper diet, lack of or very little sleep and a sedentary lifestyle.

Asked the difference between rheumatism and arthritis, he explained, “Rheumatism is a very vague term and does not really specify the condition. Whereas arthritis basically refers to inflammation of the joint which occurs due to various reasons, one being age-related wear which is then called osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a more severe condition which progresses rapidly and is caused due to inflammation that begins in the blood and then spreads to the joints.” Infection and uric acid were other causes of arthritis, he stated.

Highlighting one of the main causes of knee pain, he threw light on how weight affects this ailment. “If you put on one kilo, remember it is four kilos for the joint as when you are walking the weight is distributed accordingly,” he explained. Ideal body weight he stressed was important to keep diseases at bay and also relieve a problem if and when it arises. “Being over-weight also gives rise to other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer,” he added.

Exercise along with the right diet, he emphasized was crucial if one wanted to lose weight. Enumerating the benefits of exercising regularly, he said, “Better mental health, positivity, the right attitude and posture are all enhanced when a person exercises regularly.” Strength training, cardio-vascular exercises and stretching, he explained were required in equal measure for overall good health and highly recommended yoga, particularly suryanamaskar as the king of exercises.

Answering a query of one of the viewers who asked if it was okay to avoid surgery after an injury, Kudchadkar replied, “First and foremost trust between a patient and doctor is vital. I always consider myself a part of the patient’s team and if the patient has any query or doubt, he/she should always clarify with the doctor. The best option should be thus discussed and a decision should be reached together. I even go a step forward and tell my patients to take a second opinion. Patients should also know the pros and cons of each treatment or procedure as this results in a better outcome.

In answer to another question about a certain drug combination and its effects, Kudchadkar firstly warned about self prescribing and taking more than the prescribed dosage. Citing a common drug like paracetamol, he explained, “Suppose if you keep taking this and are also taking another drug there are chances of drug interactions or side effects which can affect the body.

Sharing a tip on how to deal with backache, he again spoke about yoga asanas like bhujang aasan/ cobra posture or a downward dog stance/ adho mukha.

Reiterating the need to exercise for a fitter and healthier body, he said, “Exercise should be a part of everybody’s life and I would say at least an hour daily should be dedicated to exercising. This could be swimming, cycling, jogging or whatever suits the individual.” He then spoke about the significant role of food and a good diet in maintaining ideal body weight and advocated intermittent fasting as a useful habit.” Inadequate sleep and drinking less water are also some of the common reasons for weight gain,” he added.

Other relevant topics like bone health during and after menopause, slip disc, sciatica, fractures, types of exercises etc. were also discussed.

The talk was informative and extremely useful as shared by viewers.