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Mind coach and NLP practitioner, Priyanka Row was the guest on the Navhind Times Talk from the Heart which aired live on Sunday, August 2 on the Goa 365 channel. From NLP and benefits of mind coaching to sharing tips on how to coach one’s mind, the talk was extremely informative and engaging from the word go.

Explaining Richard Bandler’s Neuro Linguistic Programming, Row said, “It works on the presupposition that all the skills, talents and qualities we need to succeed are already lying within us. So if you can train or make shifts in your neural pathways or in your language or words, you will achieve desired behaviour outcomes or goals or specific personal or professional milestones.” She highlighted the importance of shifting words to create shifts in actions, decisions and eventually the external environment.

She then elaborated on what mind coaching is all about and how it works on the mind-set. “Mind-set is everything. Right from the moment you wake up to the time you lay your head on the pillow, it is your mind-set that is driving your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values which in turn is driving your daily behaviour, actions and approach to life,” she added. Speaking about the law of attraction and quashing the myth that we attract what we think, she stated, “You attract what you believe as that is what is sitting in the subconscious mind and remember that the subconscious part is 90% of the mind.” Giving general and personal examples, she explained how the concept works.

The benefits she said of shifting the mind-set are many and added, “When you shift your mind-set you shift your belief system and you create life-transforming shifts in your extrenal environment.” Harnessing the subconscious mind she stressed is imperative if one wants to achieve one’s desires. “The subconscious does not depend on our education or external environment or even our five physical senses.It is a huge reservoir of impressions, experiences, knowledge and wisdom from the beginning of time and it picks up the best idea, best solution and gives it to you.” Surrender she believes allows one to let go and flow with the energy of the universe. Miracles, she stated then happen.

Discussing some of the challenges that the present Covid has brought, she added, “There is a great deal of fear and anxiety and this stems from the fear of the unknown or unfamiliar which has always been present. Fear is a mechanism of the brain to protect the individual and is called tribal programming.” The way to overcome this she said is to convert the unfamiliar to familiar by doing the right things and repeating the same. “Remember you cannot control your external environment but you definitely can control your own emotions and mind-set which in turn can effect the external,” she reiterated.

Giving some tips to a query on how to handle a jobless situation, she said, phrases like, I am enough; I am fearless; I have phenomenal coping skills and I will get by, are helpful in changing the mind-set. Bringing out the difference between affirmations and the above phrases, she added, “These are mental commands and are truths that you are born with. Being enough, whole and fearless is your original and authentic state so how can a mind object to these statements when they are true?” Repeating these statements with the right energy, she stated is a good start to coaching one’s mind to be positive and changing one’s internal wiring.

Another tip she shared was about releasing negative energy through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). “It operates on the presumption that you have certain energy points or medians and when you start tapping on them, they start activating the energy field and releasing it. An extremely powerful technique I have used it on my clients and have been using it myself for 10 years,” she shared.

Answering another query on how to keep children positive in these times, Priyanka called attention to the very important role parents play in this respect. “Parents need to be careful of the words they use in front of their children, as these words and energy sculpt the belief system of their children. Children need positive reinforcement and reassurance at all times, especially now,” she stated.

The hour-long talk ended too soon but Priyanka did a brilliant job explaining in simple and easy-to-follow language and examples that mind-coaching can bring about phenomenal changes.