‘Learn the art of Calligraphy’, a workshop on the basics of calligraphy was held on Sunday, September 6, and aired live on the Goa 365 channel. Calligrapher, Vikrant Fernandes who is also an interior decorator, event manager and computer engineer, was the resource person for the hour-long workshop.

Recounting what attracted him to the ancient art and what set him on the path to becoming a calligrapher he shared, “It was my dad’s handwriting on my moral science book that fascinated me so much that I instantly decided I wanted to learn to write in the same style.” Beginning with the Gothic font, Fernandes said he practiced other fonts however with tools and materials not easily available during that time it was not an easy task to master the art. “During those days not many people knew about Calligraphy and I had to make my own pen which I did with a bamboo reed and a toothpick.

Fernandes then touched on the history of this ancient visual art of writing and explained how it has transformed over time. Stressing on its aesthetic value he added, “The beauty of this art will never diminish and hand written invitations and inscriptions using calligraphy will always be something to treasure.” He also highlighted how calligraphy can be a hobby and a very satisfying and creative one at that.

With the revival of calligraphy in recent times, he said the tools and materials required to pursue this art are now easily available. Illustrating the most common fonts used in calligraphy which he had prepared before hand, he also displayed the tools required to create the same. The pen and the brush he explained were the principal tools for a calligrapher. Brush pens, cutnib pens or parker pens, broad nib pens, and assorted nibs which include flexible, fine liners, angular and straight are some of the tools he spoke about.

With regards to ink, he recommended fountain ink for beginners before moving on to professional inks. “Today there is a vast choice for all the tools that you will require if you take up calligraphy and if they are not available at your stationery shop, then online is the best option,” he added. Sharing a tip with viewers, he suggested using an exercise book with red and blue lines for practice.

In the demonstration part of the workshop, Fernandes began with the script font and gave various suggestions on holding the pen/brush, pressure and types of papers and other materials to be used to get the best results. Various fonts were demonstrated thereafter and queries were answered accordingly.

The Navhind Times has lined up various workshops for the near future, so lookout for the dates and don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.