Dempo Goodwill Ambassador, promoted by Devashri Real Estate Developers, IM & (GM Elect) Anurag Mhamal (Rating 2477) has won the 27th Open de Gros International Chess Tournament at Spain. He scored 7.5 points out of 9 rounds with 6 wins and 3 draws while remaining undefeated in the tournament. Anurag stands to gain 21 ELO points from the tournament and is just 2 tantalising ELO points away from the 2500 ELO rating that will get him the Grand Master (GM) title conferred by the game regulators, FIDE. With the requisite GM norms already under his belt, it is a matter of time, a short one, before he achieves a historic first for Goa.

IM Stany G A of Karnataka, India stood 2nd while GM Martinez Duany Lelys Stanley of Cuba finished 3rd in the tournament.

Anurag had actually been leading the competition until the penultimate round with 1 point. In the final round, however, he preferred to play safe and settle for a draw with GM Flear Glenn.

In the course of the competition, the Dempo ambassador defeated Dorronsoro Larbide, WFM Buiza Eihartze of Spain, FM Diaz Velandia Jose of Venenzula, IM Stany G A of India, IM Velten Paul and GM Roero Holmes Alfonso of Spain, and drew with IM Andres Gonzalez Alberto of Spain, GM Martinez Duany Lelys Stanley of Cuba and GM Flear Glenn of England.

We at DEMPO pray that Anurag takes that small step that will morph into a giant sporting leap for Goa!