A beholden DEMPO corporate group offered its sincere homage to former chairman, the late Vasudeva V. Dempo on his nineteenth death anniversary, the 28th November, 2018, by the customary, annual act of giving blood collectively.

Dempo family members, group employees, business associates, and admirers (see list of donors below), both women and men, 44 in number, participated in the donation drive conducted by the Blood Bank of the Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim, directly after a simple, moving ceremony of garlanding the Dempo stalwart’s bust which graces the corporate headquarters, Dempo House at Panaji, t the hands of his son, the current group chairman, Mr. Shrinivas V. Dempo.

The yearly rite is observed in memory of the humanitarian zeal of the late Vasudeva V. Dempo and his empathy with one and all.

Launching the drive was Chairman Shrinivas V. Dempo, and Group Company Directors, Messrs. Yatish S. Dempo and Rajesh S. Dempo, the last two of who gave blood on the occasion.

In attendance were Dr. Krishna Gopal Rajanala, Group Head of HR, CSR, Admin & Vigilance, as also Mr. Pundalik S. Raut Desai, the originator of the annual observance, whose birthday coincides with the anniversary and Mr. Rajan V. Kamat, his fellow-contributor to the concept and arrangements, both DEMPO employees of long years. Coordinating the drive was Manager Admin, Mr. Bhuvan P. Rao, and his team of boys headed by Mr. Thomas Pedro Araujo Ricardo.

The drive closed with refreshments for the donors and the employee resolve to re-dedicate the collective effort to save lives by giving blood.

DEMPO is proud of its heroines and heroes, in terms of their selfless record so far!

Sr. No. Name of Donor Sr. No. Name of Donor
01 Yatish Dempo 23 Veda Bhobe
02 Rajesh Dempo 24 Mangesh Naik
03 R. Nirmala 25 Anant Kamat
04 Bhuvan Rao 26 K. Balaraman
05 Sanjay 27 Laxman Patyenkar
06 Umesh Bawachikar 28 Amitkumar Hiregutti
07 Nitin Lawande 29 Vivek Desai
08 Yeshwant Sardesai 30 Ratish Valvankar
09 Chaturthi Shirodkar 31 Snehal Adfadkar
10 Anand Rege Hodarkar 32 Nilesh Ajgaonkar
11 Vishram Gokhale 33 Sandeep Maueikar
12 Omkar Velingkar 34 Dhiraj Mahambre
13 Anant Kavlekar 35 Baban Bhagat
14 Ratish Naik 36 Eknath Narvekar
15 Sangeeta Mapsenkar 37 Ramchandra Parab
16 Alex D’Costa 38 Bhivaji Naik
17 Neeraj Naik 39 Mukund Gavandalkar
18 Subhash Kankonkar 40 Justino Quadros
19 Jeetendra Kelkar 41 Jonathan Desouza
20 Praful Patil 42 Sachin Gawas
21 Shivkumar Prabhudesai 43 Pradip Chopdekar
22 R.D.N. Desai 44 Melvin Rodrigues