I wish my son will cross the 2600 Elo points and one day reach the 2800 Elo points attained by Viswanathan Anand,” Arvind Mhamal, father of Grandmaster Anurag Mhamal, said on Thursday.

Anurag Mahamal (22) became the first Grandmaster from Goa after defeating Milu Romeo-Sorin of Romania in the fifth round of the 37th Benasque International Open Chess tournament in Spain.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, Arvind Mhamal said, “To expect my son to be world chess champion is beyond my dreams. But, if he does, I will be a proud father.

It is up to Anurag to try and work to be a world champion. However, gaining 2800 Elo points is attainable. He has to now play with opponents with higher Elo points than he has, and I am sure my son is capable of it,” Arvind Mhamal hoped.

My son has a passion for chess. It is this passion that drives him to work so hard. There have been occasions when I have been astonished by the hours he put in playing. Even his coaches get surprised. One of them told me that my son gets his rush for chess through his passion,” he said.

Anurag has 2502 Elo points. “I think his first objective will be to cross the 26000 Elo points. To reach 2700 Elo points is a big achievement. I do not know what his next plans are. He is supposed to arrive in Goa on July 17; normally he takes off for a month-and-half. He will decide his next steps once he is back,” the grandmaster’s father added.

When asked about his son’s plans to take up a job, Arvind Mhamal explained, “He knows he has to start working at some stage. There is no age limit for chess. As of now, he is concentrating on gaining maximum Elo points. So, I think he is in a hurry to start work. He has had some job offers from companies in Mumbai. Anurag, I think, would like to one day join petroleum board.

His free time is spent playing chess. Whether he works or does not work really does not bother me because I know one day he will attain what he has planned for himself. I know he is a determined individual and has proved capable of achieving whatever he has set for himself,” said the father.

Crowns of Glory

  • National Premier Chess Championship 2012 Kolkatta
  • 32nd Open International Cappelle la Grande 2016 Paris, France
  • Czech Open ‘A’ International Chess Tournament 2016 Pardubice, Czech
  • Karpos International Open Chess Tournament 2017 Skopje, Mecedonia
  • 27th Open de Gros International Chess Tournament 2017 at Spain

Over a decade of tanacious struggle and perseverence in chess has yielded Goa its first chess Grandmaster in Anurag Mahamal. Bhakti Kulkarni rang the bell in 2012 when she decorated herself with the Women. Anurag has now got himself into the league of Vishwanathan Anand who won his GM title in 1988.

I am very happy and proud that Anurag has got the GM norm. It is not just a proud moment for him but all chess lovers in Goa and the country.Being the 48th GM in India is not easy,” Bhakti Kulkarni told the Navhind Times.

As on April 2017, there are 1552 GM’s in the world of which 1517 are male and 33 are female. These figures are approximate and subject to change.

Anurag gained 44 Elo points and surpassed the 2500 rating in the rating list at the 37th Benasque International in Spain where he is presently participating. Though the criteria for GM Title are three GM norms, Anurag has 5 GM norms under his belt.

Anurag started playing chess at the age of six and competed in many National and International tournaments always working towards his goal of becoming a Grandmaster. Anurag Mhamal is the Goodwill ambassador of Devashri Nirman LLP.

Magnus Carlsen of Norway was the youngest to have earned the title of Grandmaster at the age of eight. Perimargan Negi of India achieved his GM title at the age of thirteen years and 142 days.