The Dempo Higher Secondary School of Science, located at Miramar, Panaji, is acknowledged to be one of Goa’s leading institutions imparting integrated science education in Std XI and Std XII, in academic association with PACE – IIT & Medical, Mumbai.

In the years since its establishment the Dempo HS Science School has emerged as a premier learning and coaching institution for aspirants to success at IIT-JEE/ NEET/ BITSAT/ VITEEE and other national-level examinations aiming at admission to prestigious engineering and medical institutions.

The Trustees of the Dempo Higher Secondary School of Science Trust recently resolved to re-name the institution Voicuntrao Sinai Dempo Higher Secondary School of Science, on the thirty-second death anniversary on the 1st April, 2019, in homage to the memory of the Dempo Group’s Co-founder, Mr. Voicuntrao Sinai Dempo, the younger brother of the Group’s late Founder, Mr. Vasantrao Sinai Dempo.

The re-naming is in tribute to the education and exemplary intellectual pursuits of the late Voicuntrao S. Dempo. An accomplished lawyer, a member of the Portuguese Parliament in Lisbon for Goa, an idealistic aspirant to become a people’s representative for Goa, and a Dempo director dedicated to the well-being and improvement of the Dempo colleges in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s – this was Sadul-bab, the name that Voicuntrao was known by in affection.

Voicuntrao was indefatigable in his efforts to improve circumstances for the colleges and was enthusiastic in involving himself in college functions. It is thoroughly appropriate to bestow his name on a leading learning and coaching institution.

The renaming ceremony took place at the Institution itself. Invited by the Trust’s Administrator, Mr. Rajesh Bhatikar, on behalf of the Trustees were members of the family of the late Vasantrao Dempo, members of the extended family of the late Voicuntrao Dempo, members of the faculty and staff of the Institution, principals of the colleges of the Dempo Charities Trust, and heads, executives and staff of the Dempo group of companies.

With Mr. Bhatikar introducing the subject, Trustee Mr. Shrinivas Dempo offered a floral tribute to the portrait of the late Voicuntrao Dempo followed by all members of the extended Dempo family. Thereafter, Mr. Shrinivas Dempo extolled the virtues of the late Voicuntrao Dempo, explaining the re-naming.

In proof of which, Mr. Dempo and the guests proceeded to the floor above to unveil the plaque of the new name. The invitees later dispersed after refreshments.