The Navhind Times Planet J workshop on Fashion Design and Upcycling with fashion designer Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney was held on Sunday, December 10, 2017 at the Dempo House, Panaji. The three hour workshop catered to an audience of 16 years and above. Youngster from all over the state participated some travelling from areas as far as Navelim, Benaulim, Cansaulim and other places in the south.

The session which was divided into three parts began with an introduction by Ninoshka on the elements and principles of design with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation. Emphasising the importance of the same she said, “These elements and principles are the framework on which a design is based. They are literally like the alphabets of design and if you don’t know them, you won’t know how to read a design or create one.” She then went on to explain the components which include colour, line, shape, form, texture, space, balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion and harmony.

In the next session she spoke about upcycling of garments – what it means, why it is necessary and how one can create valuable products out of old, discarded textile. She brought in her own samples of upcycled products and collections created from reclaimed material and explained how used fabric and textile can be upcycled to create not only garments, but accessories like bags and necklaces, and home furnishings like cushion covers, curtains, rugs and quilts among other things.

The final part of the session had the audience revamp and upcycle their own old clothes that they had carried along. Participants were divided into eleven groups and each group was given a theme. In a span of an hour and half the groups were required to design and upcycle a garment and accessory based on their theme. Ninoshka went from table to table guiding the participants and demonstrating how to upcycle the clothes they had carried.

There was a flurry of activity as participants got busy putting their creativity to use. Each team came up with some brilliant designs and executed the theme beautifully. A mini fashion show was held wherein the teams displayed their garments. One member of each team was selected to display the design while the team leader explained what the theme was, how it was executed and how an old garment was transformed into something new.

The team that won the contest was team Rythym. The members upcycled an old Tee shirt by cutting it into two pieces. The upper half was further cut and altered into a woman’s top while the other part of the Tee shirt was made into a sling bag with embroidery. An old saree was cut and made into a frilled skirt. They also made accessories like bracelets, necklaces and headbands with the leftover material.

The workshop ended with Ninoshka thanking the audience. “Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. And if we reduce, reuse and recycle, we can make a small difference to our planet,” she reiterated.


I have had loads of fun today and wish you had these kind of workshops often.

Afisa Sayed

I never knew I had so much of creativity within me. Thank you Navhind Times for the opportunity.

Andrea Barretto

It was really nice. I got to learn a lot.

Marzina Shaikh

It was a unique and very interesting opportunity.

Abhilasha Goswami

It was very good and I had so much fun. Thank you.

Neha Gupta

The workshop turned out to be fun. I appreciate the efforts put in by the team. Bravo!

Heizal Afonso

It was really amazing. Enjoyed a lot.

Devashri Kamat

It was a super workshop and I learnt many things that I can share with others.

Priyanka Vishwakarma

A very useful and innovative workshop.

Rajashri Kamat

I just loved it and enjoyed so much. Thanks for teaching us such techniques. God bless and all the best to you’ll in the future.

Gauravi Chari

Had a great time with Ninoshka and learnt a lot. Got many new ideas as well.

Anushka Noronha

Thanks Navhind Times for a wonderful workshop. It was amazing. Please invite me for more workshops like this.

Anjali Shetye

It was a helpful workshop and I got many creative ideas. Thanks so much.

Supriya Aroskar

It was wonderful and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Please continue with the good work.

Kruta Dessai

Excellent workshop. Very interactive and well coordinated. Wish it was longer!

Penny Niranjan

It was absolutely fun and awesome. Thanks you.

Naznin Xec

I learnt how to create something unique from my old clothes. Thank so much.

Clema Fernandes

Now I know how to recycle my old clothes creatively.

Rudraksha Rane

I had a very good time and learnt so much from maam Ninoshka. However the time was too short. The next time please have it for longer.

Pearl Rodrigues

I am so elated that I was a part of this workshop. It taught me many interesting things. Waiting to attend similar kinds of workshops with Navhind Times.

Doris Rego

It was an excellent workshop.

Swarada Gad

It was a great learning experience.

Viraj Sehgal

It was a good experience and have learnt a lot of handy stuff. Thanks to Ninoshka and the team.

Simran Faterpekar