In keeping with the outreach ethos of the DEMPO group, Hindustan Foods Ltd (HFL) organised a blood donation camp at its plant premises at Usgaon on the 4th November, 2015.

The initiative was arranged and facilitated by the Goa Medical College & Hospital’s Blood Bank, with HFL providing volunteers and donors to the drive in sizeable numbers, leading to its successful conduct.

The premises wore their usual hygienic look, with motivational posters on the subject of giving blood displayed prominently across the plant.

Senior plant personnel led by example by donating blood on the occasion – Factory Manager Mr. Vinod Bhosale, Production Manager Mr. Kelvin Fernandes, and PepsiCo Manager Mr. Dayanand Chavan. Lady employees were conspicuous in their presence and numbers in giving blood too, among them Ms. Rina Alicke, Ms. Sneha Maria Dores Pires and Ms. Samikha P. Usgaonkar.

Others who donated included Messrs. Bhagwant Gaonkar, Rajesh Babshet, Sandeep Pawar, Rupesh Gaonkar, Maruti Naik, Gajanan Gad, Abhijeet Gaonkar, Kiran Kalangutkar, Feroze Mullah, Mahidul Sheikh, Sushant Rane and Prashant Kasturi.

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