The Navhind Times inaugurated its new series, ‘Your Career Matters’, to highlight various popular as well as uncommon professions to help youngsters make informed choices with regards to their careers. The maiden interaction with some of the top RJs of Goa held at Dempo House, Panaji on Sunday, June 23, was aimed at introducing radio jockeying as a possible career option.

Shakuntala Bharne and Alfie of FM Rainbow, Ayesha Barretto of Radio Indigo and Uday Chari of Big FM were the resource persons for the day. The 3-hour session started with a brief self-introduction by the RJs and Shakuntala in her melodious voice sang a few lines of a Konkani song to engage the audience. Not just students but many adults too were present and connected instantly with the RJs.

In his introduction, Uday spoke about overcoming his childhood stutter and becoming a RJ which inspired the audience no end. Alfie spoke about being a guest on a talk show on radio and then becoming a RJ himself while Ayesha spoke about her passion for radio. Each RJ had a story to tell which kept the audience hooked from the word go!

Various pertinent questions related to the profession were put forward by the audience and the same were answered in detail by the RJs. Speaking on the role of voice, Uday elaborated how voice alone was not enough but knowledge, creativity and wit besides a passion for the profession too was much needed to create an impact. He reiterated the fact, that as a RJ it is important to make the listeners comfortable and sound fun, lively and confident. “Most of my listeners consider me a friend and I am truly blessed that I can connect with my listeners,” shared Shakuntala.

Reading is very essential to keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings which in turn is important in your job as a RJ,” said Alfie highlighting the role of knowledge in communicating with the audience. “A jockey should be well informed not just about music but also about other art forms, sports, technology and such,” added Shakuntala, “To be acquainted with the latest in music is second nature to RJs. While we stay away from religious and political matters, RJs need to hold the listeners’ attention with engaging topics.”

Stressing on the importance of having your own style, Ayesha said, “Be yourself and don’t imitate or be someone else. It takes a lot to keep that up. Instead have your own style and be genuine.”

Requirements, voice, language, training, pay package, best moments, positives and many other topics were discussed. It was a fun learning experience for all present and some of the participants even displayed their talents through song and shayari.


It was a great initiative to introduce these talks on careers.

Anushree Naik

It was a pleasure meeting and interacting with the RJs. A superb idea by The Navhind Times.

Manisha Jadhav

It was a unique event and I learnt so much. It was also fun!


The programmes held by Navhind Times are really great and also very interactive. I would recommend that the duration is increased.

Conny Fernandes

Thanks Navhind Times for organizing such useful seminars. I have received information that will help me to go out, achieve my dreams and use my talents in the right way.

Kimberly D’Costa

It was very good to be here.and I enjoyed a great deal.

Padmaja Chari

It was good and I enjoyed it.

Avani Naik

It was the best programme I attended.

Mansi Kuttikar

Meeting the RJs was really cool and I am inspired to become one!

Sudha Goudar

A well organized and amazing workshop.

Wilma Alphonso

It was really wow and the RJs were so nice.

Yashri Naidu

RJs are becoming popular but one fails to understand the RJing is also an equally demanding and competitive profession. This workshop was beneficial in the modern times.

Zoya Joao

Thank you Navhind times for an interactive session with the RJs. I am looking forward for many such sessions.

Gerson Dias

The event was superb! Now it is my job to encourage the rest to attend these excellent programmes.


The workshop was a great experience. We could meet the RJs in real life and interact with them. The insight that they provided will help me a lot. I would also like to thank Navhind Times for organizing it.

Myron Dias

Thanks to Navhind Times for givibg us this opportunity to meet the RJs in person.

Meghnath Kankonkar

The workshop was amazing and I got to learn a bunch of new stuff.

K L Rithika

It was a good experience as this was the first workshop of Navhind Times that I attended. Looking forward to many more.

Shuberta Vaigankar

It’s not everyday that you get to meet your heroes. Thank you Planet J and the RJs for the interaction.

Aldrich Amaral

The entire session was interesting and motivating.

Aanchal Kankonkar