Stakeholder Feedback– DEMPO CSR in Action!

One of the twenty schools receiving copies of the fortnightly, ‘Down To Earth’, has written in to share the experience of its students and teachers of using the magazine in their co-curricular activity. The Palem, Siridao, Tiswadi – based Government High School, while thanking the House of Dempo for sponsoring an annual subscription to the publication devoted to science and the environment, has described how teachers discuss the topics covered in each issue amongst themselves, before acquainting students with these, preparing some to deliver short talks on related topics at school assembly. Published by the reputed think tank, Centre for Science & Environment, ‘Down To Earth’ has also inspired the rural school’s students to discuss burning issues of the day such as pollution and cleanliness, while moving them to acquire medicinal plants for school use. The fortnightly now graces the school library for reference or use (Read School Head Mistress, Ms. Lina E. Ferrao Fernandes’s letter to Chairman Shrinivas V Dempo here...) .

DEMPO, while recognising that these schools are a small part of the high-school strength of the state of Goa, also know, and have embraced, the maxim, ‘Drops make an Ocean…!’