Fervour marked the celebrations of the nation’s 71st Independence Day at the Headquarters of the Corporate Group, atop Dempo House.

At the stroke of nine in the morning Group Chairman Shrinivas V Dempo strode across the terrace to unfurl the national tricolour, with a contingent of Peregrine Guarding Pvt. Ltd standing to attention, accompanied by a large number of Dempoites. The national anthem was sung, Chairman Dempo took a salute from the contingent, and thereafter proceeded to shake hands with each in the assembly exchanging greetings of ‘Jai Hind!’. Among the directors present were Whole Time Director Yatish S. Dempo and Executive Director, Jagmohan J. Chhabra.

The assembled employees then repaired to the Conference Hal a floor below for breakfast consisting of tricolour shira, batata vadas, and sandwiches with tricolour chutney. Patriotic songs were played, fraternal greetings were exchanged and the assembly dispersed an hour later, brimming with pride at the completion of seven decades of India’s freedom from colonial rule. Vande Mataram!