Dempo players and some of their representatives are delighted in the company of chief minister Manohar Parrikar, club president Shrinivas Dempo and AIFF president Praful Patel after being felicitated for being among the club’s 50 best players of all time.
From left to right: Inacio Fernandes, Dempo player from the first team in 1967, club president Shrinivas Dempo, Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar and AIFF president Praful Patel release Golden Eagles, a commemorative book that celebrates Dempo’s rich 50 year history

Mr. Gianni Infantino, the head of the body regulating world soccer, FIFA, has written in to Dempo SC President, Mr. Shrinivas V. Dempo, warmly congratulating the Club on its golden jubilee (see elsewhere on this Site) marked recently in a spirit of fervent thanksgiving.

President Infantino appreciated the commemorative volume brought out on the occasion, ‘GOLDEN EAGLES’.

The contributions of Dempo SC to football, its commitment to the players and officials, not to say, its supporters, who made it a hub of excellence and success, also came in for laudatory mention.

Rounding off a satisfying milestone year in the annals of the Club’s football playing endeavour!

Here is the text of Mr. Infantino’s letter to Mr. Dempo:

Dear President,

I wish to thank you most warmly for your book Golden Eagles, 50 Years of Dempo Sports Club (1967 – 2017) that you were so kind to send me.

I congratulate you on the quality of the writing and presentation in this wonderful book, which will no doubt be of interest to all of your club’s fans and remind them of the best moments in the history of Dempo Sports Club.

I would particularly like to commend all of those who have been involved in the construction of your club’s history, especially the many players and coaching staff who have contributed to the club’s success throughout the years, without forgetting your loyal supporters, of course.

Furthermore, I wish you all the very best for your club’s 50th anniversary as well as continued success and progress in the years to come.

Yours in football,
Gianni Infantino

Contents of the Letter