‘Get on Stage’, The Navhind Times Planet J’s workshop on speech and drama was held on Tuesday, April 11 at Dempo House, Panaji. Designed specifically for those between the ages of 9 and 16, the workshop aimed at introducing the children to the nuts and bolts of public speaking.

Conducted by certified Trinity School of London, speech and drama teacher, Nandini Viegas, the two and half hour workshop commenced with an introduction to public speaking and participants were given basic tips on the subject. From the word go, participants were on the stage. Exercises and skits and more were included into the meticulously planned sessions.

The first session began with participants being divided into five groups and were asked to choose a name for their group based on speech and drama. Expressions, Chit-chat, Confident Thinkers, Speaking Tongues and Grand Theatre were the creative names chosen by the groups after careful thought and deliberation.

In the next exercise, the groups were given a statement; ‘I read the Navhind Times because’ and then asked to complete it. “You cannot use more than ten words in your slogan which can be rhyming or just describing the event in a nutshell. What is important is it should be catchy,” instructed Viegas. Participants were again given some time to discuss the same and group representatives were then called on stage to share what they had written. “Because it is very informative,” said team Expressions while the Chit-chat team said, “It gives us food for thought.” The Confident Thinkers confidently proclaimed, “This small piece of paper helps us read the world in miniature.” It gives us the best of news, was the slogan of the Speaking Tongues while the last group, Grand Theatre stated, “It is very diverse and has many cultural activities mentioned.”

As participants came on stage for various activities, Viegas gave tips on posture, volume, voice modulation, eye contact and pause. “A pause is just a break in the flow of speech and gives the speaker a chance to catch their breath. It is normally used before an important word for dramatic effect. It is also used between paragraphs. Emphasis is giving special importance to a word and voice modulation is necessary to avoid monotony and boredom in the audience,” she said and demonstrated the use of the same. Stressing the importance of eye-contact in engaging the audience she shared, “You cannot connect with your audience without eye contact; it is very much required to create a feeling of interaction with them. Also a smile is a curve that costs nothing but puts audience at ease, so please smile when required.”

In the final session, each team was given a phrase/idiom and was asked to enact their interpretation of it. The talent and fertile imagination of participants came to the fore in putting up the skits. As good as gold; in a fix; cold feet; nose in the air and over the moon were the idioms given which the teams dramatized with ease and skill.

Fun, laughter and creativity marked the extremely interactive workshop which ended with Viegas handing out certificates of participation.


The workshop was good exposure to all participants and helped us overcome stage fear.

Avito Lourenco, 16 years, Loyola High School, Margao

Fun and awesome.

Lionel Noronha, 10 years, Rosary School, Miramar

The session was super and amazing. I loved it!

Desiree da Costa Frias, 10 years, Our Lady of Rosary School, Dona Paula

I liked the session because we got to express our feelings freely.

Naomi Julia Fernandes, 12 years, Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao

This session was very expressive, fun and taught me a lot.

Aarini Arora, 10 years, Sharada Mandir, Miramar

Since the last six years my three children have been coming for the Planet J workshops and I can say they have literally grown with them. Thank you so much Planet J team for making us so welcome and Navhind Times for the great opportunities.

Shiva Mandre, parent, Benaulim

Enjoyed and learnt a lot in this workshop.

Siddesh Usgaonkar, 5 years, Our Lady of Merces School, Merces

The workshop helped me build my confidence. It was fun and exciting. I wish there are many workshops like this. Thank you.

Anoushka Correya, 13 years, Rosary School, Miramar

I loved this workshop because I learnt how to speak in public.

Shekinah D’Souza, 9 years, Holy Family School, Porvorim

My confidence has increased because of this workshop. Please have more workshops. Thanks Navhind Times.

Lorene Sequeira, 10 years, Our Lady of Rosary School, Dona Paula

It was very interesting.

Chaitrali, 14 years, People’s High School, Panaji

It was fun and the skit and slogan making was really interesting. A very innovative venture by The Navhind Times! I will surely come  a lot more often and get my friends along too! It was great fun. Thanks so much.

Kavya Angle, 10 yrs, Sharada Mandir, Miramar

I enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.

Mahi Bakal, 15 years, Azmane School, Neura

The workshop was very helpful.

Faizan Mulla, 15 years, AJDe Almeida, Ponda

It was awesome and I enjoyed the workshop.

Dishant Mandrekar, 15 years, Our Lady of Merces School, Merces

It was a very helpful workshop.

Delilah do Rosario, 13 years, SFX, Siolim

The workshop helped me to overcome stage fear.


Allushka Lourenco, 9 years, Fatima Convent, Margao

I have been bored all this time but when I camer for the workshop I felt alive. Please conduct more workshops.

Aarya Sardesai, 13 years, People’s High School, Panaji

It was awesome. I want to attend more of your workshops.

Irving Noronha, 11 years, Rosary School, Miramar

I was always interested in speech and drama but Nandini Viegas made this workshop super fun and interactive. The tips and other small piece of advice she gave us were beneficial. Thanks Nandini Viegas and Planet J team of Navhind Times.

Natalie DeSouza, 15 years, Lourdes Convent, Saligao

It was fun and I enjoyed a lot. I also made new friends.

Alrio Chaves Fernandes, 13 years, Regina Mundi School, Vasco

It was a good and interactive workshop.

Divyesh Sinha, 15 years, Navy Children School

It was one of the best workshop I have attended. It helped me in building my confidence and acting skills.

Shayon Mitra, 11 years, St Anthony’s School, Guirim


This is my first drama workshop and I don’t think there has been a better workshop. Thank you Navhind Times.

Anant Mhambrey, 11 years, Rosary School, Miramar