The Style Workshop organised by The Navhind Times’ Planet J was held on December 6 at Dempo House, Panaji. Sixty seven students between ages 16 to 26 participated in the half-day workshop conducted by designer Verma D’Mello. The workshop aimed at helping participants develop their own personal style also gave tips on how to accentuate strengths and camouflage faults while dressing.

The workshop commenced with an introduction by Verma. The presentation was very informative and she explained the difference between dressing and styling. She stressed on the need for originality and being comfortable with one’s self. “To be comfortable with your body is important not just for dressing right but also for self presentation,” she said, “Do not pretend to be any one else beside yourself.”

Other topics she covered were styling, accessorising, fashion disasters, fashion etiquette, importance and significance of various colours, fashion as a career, various fields in the fashion industry, communication, presentation and more.

Verma also conducted a session wherein she played with fabrics to demonstrate how one should dress according to their body type. Posture was another topic she covered and said, “Without the right posture the best garments will fall short in creating that impact that you want.”

The interactive and informative workshop ended with a question-answer session and certificates being handed out by Verma.


Thank you Navhind Times for the lovely workshop. Please keep a workshop on hair and make-up as well.
Ramila Crasto, Stenodac Institute of Designing, Panaji
It was a great experience and we got to learn about various aspects of fashion. Thank you.
Savni Panandiker, Goa College of Art, Altinho, Panaji
It was really amazing and hope you’ll have one every year.
Melina Colaso, IIFD, Pune
An educative as well as entertaining workshop. Verma and her team were lively and vibrant. Thanks to Navhind Times.
Dorine Fernandes, Stenodac Institute of Designing, Panaji
The workshop was awesome!
Tanuja Bhandare, Goa College of Home Science, Panaji
It was a very informative workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also learnt there are 250 different options within the industry to choose a career from.
Anuja Tari, GEC, Farmagudi
KLE Fashion College, Bengaluru
Hailet Coutinho, KLE Fashion College, Bengaluru
It was a fun workshop and I learnt new things.
Richa Kartik, Holy Family School, Porvorim
Besides other things I also learnt about photo shoots.
Shivani Salker, Dhempe College, Panaji
A very interesting workshop that taught us that even the colours we wear reveal a lot about our personality. The workshop will help me in my day-to-day life. Thanks to Navhind Times and Verma for the opportunity.
Savia Dias, Damodar College, Margao
After attending the workshop I have realized that fashion is much more than just clothes. Verma’s sense of humour also added that something to the workshop.
Agnes Pinto, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa
It was a great experience and got to learn a lot especially about styling, designing and accessorisng. Thanks to Navhind Times for organizing these workshops.
Alreeza Fernandes, Gomant Ayurvedic College, Shiroda
Very interesting and interactive workshop. I was the only lucky guy.
Abraham Fernandes, Don Bosco College, Panaji
It was an amazing workshop. There should have been some more practicals.
Suzy Fernandes, Panaji
I got tips on how to dress right and also learnt about the different career options in the industry.
Jayshree Danam, Dhempe College, Panaji
I take this opportunity for thanking you on behalf of various parents and children. There are numerous parents and children who are grateful and privileged to attend these workshops, which you have so painstakingly organised for not only readers of Navhind Times, but also others.

Apart from conducting the workshops from your corporate premises, you have also conducted them at ‘on site’ locations all over Goa. I can imagine your Planet J team’s efforts in arranging the logistics etc.

I truly wish other publishers also took such initiatives to enrich the Gen-Next in their intellectual growth.

With best wishes in all your future endeavours. If I can be of any assistance, I would be happy to assist.

I can say with confidence, that all my three children (Abraham/Aaron/Laila) have benefited the workshops. 

Albert Fernandes (Parent), Patto, Panaji