Hair Aesthetics’, an episode of The Navhind Times, Talk from the Heart, aired live on Sunday, November 8 on the Goa 365 channel. The guest on the show was Creative Head of Bina Punjani Hair Studio, Bina Punjani herself.

The talk began with a brief self- introduction by Punjani who started her career eighteen years ago. She recounted her journey from moving to Goa nine years ago and setting up her first salon to opening two more outlets in addition to an academy. “I was based out of London for six years where I trained and worked. In fact where I am today and what I am doing has a lot to do with my time and experience there,” she shared. With an MA in Economics and a father who is a doctor, she explained how she came to choose hair dressing as a career and Goa as her base.

The first topic on the agenda was the importance of a good haircut to create a favourable impression especially in the present time where video calls are the norm. Highlighting the importance of good grooming with emphasis on hair, she said, “Having the right mix is important and one should remember not to go overboard. A classy and simple make-up look with a suitable haircut works very well.”

Hair length and hair shape, she emphasized were factors that one has to keep in mind while choosing a style or hair cut and added, “Hair has a mind of its own and grows in a particular way depending where it is on the scalp. Now when this is not handled or cut properly then it does give rise to problems. Hence I would recommend a good stylist who knows the science and technique of the profession.” Recommending the right look for you, decoding that look in a technical format and educating you to maintaining that look at home, she stressed is the job of a good stylist.

Face shape, hair texture, job profile are some of the areas, she said, that stylists look into before recommending a style or cut to a person. “Your hair style should work with your body structure, face shape, jaw and neck line,” she stressed and gave examples of height and hair length combinations that work. “Hair is an extension of your body and while considering a hair cut you should also look at the shoulders, height, your age, cheek bones and consider if your style would suit the overall frame. A hair cut or style should complete the picture,” she added.

Asked how open the Goans are to trying out new styles and cuts, she answered, “Goans have always been very comfortable with cutting their hair short and now their concern is more about style, fashion and aesthetics.” She also spoke about hair colour and said, “If a woman has grey hair and it looks nice, by all means wear it, however if the grey doesn’t look nice on you, due to hair texture or looks messy then I would recommend, you go for a different way to style it or consult an expert about it.” She also warned against using box colors and added, “The ill effects of not using the right colours or technique may not show right now but in the long run can cause a lot of damage.”

On the topic of shampoos and conditioners she spoke at length and explained the difference between the two. “The scalp is the breathing part of the hair and the hair that has grown out is the dead part.

Both of them are different and have to be treated differently. The shampoo is for the scalp and the conditioner is for the hair. Too much shampoo can make the hair dry and lifeless.” She then illustrated how shampoo and conditioner are to be used.

Various other topics were discussed and Punjani shared many tips on how to keep hair healthy and beautiful.