After the phenomenal win against Mumbai FC and an incredible score of 7-0 in the November 17 match, The Navhind Times Planet J ‘Meet your favourite FC Goa player’ event, which was held on November 18,  was an absolute treat to the 198 children and 50 odd parents that were present at the venue. Not only children from the state but even some Mumbaikars were present and shared in the festivities wholeheartedly. The event was open to those in the age group of 12 to 19 but children as young as six participated as well.

Decorated with FC Goa T-shirts, flags and streamers in the colours of the team, the venue Dempo House wore a very festive look. Many children as well were dressed in FC Goa jerseys and the atmosphere can only be described as electrifying. Nothing could dampen the spirits of the gathered FC Goa fans not even the delay in starting the programme.

By the time the players entered the building, shouts of ‘FC Goa’ could be heard throughout the building and from the road below. The crowd went crazy as the players walked in along with coach Zico, CEO of the team, Sukhwinder Singh and co-owner of FC Goa, Vikram Salgaocar. Some children even got autographs signed and pictures taken during this time.

The event commenced with a welcome speech from head coach Zico and was followed by a quiz on the FC Goa team. Jerseys with the FC Goa and The Navhind Times logo were given as prizes. The question and answer session with the players was short but some lucky children got their queries answered. A lucky draw followed and the winners got a football which was autographed by his/her favourite player.

The meet concluded with a speech of thanks by Vikram Salgaocar as children and parents rushed to the stage to get autographs and photographs taken. Unfortunately, all could not be accommodated but the children were most happy seeing and being with their favourite team and players.