One-on-One sessions on Personal Refinement- Being the BEST you
Need and objective:

The need assessment study that was carried out in the first year of the project with respect to the software interventions to be carried out in schools highlighted the need for sessions that would motivate and help each child be the best they could be. A student’s overall environment (home and school) influences his/her behaviour and, ultimately their academic performance at school.  During the study, a range of issues that students are struggling to cope with were reported by the schools (teachers and principals). Problems such as internet/mobile addiction, staying away from vices to topics such as time management, developing effective study skills, being disciplined, raising self-worth/confidence, peer pressure etc. were cited by the teachers at the various project schools. The need to address some of these challenges was felt and thus the sessions on personal development have been designed accordingly. Besides, empowering students and motivating them to address these issues, teachers who are constantly working with them also need to be targeted.

Workshop structure and schedule:
The intervention basically focussed on impressing upon students and teachers on how they could be their ‘best’. Two distinct modules were designed – one generic one for students on ‘how to be good’, and another one on improving the ‘core competency’ for teachers. Another set of workshops will be conducted at the member schools taking up individual topics of concern subsequently. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Allan Pinto, motivational expert, during October-November 2015.

Session summary:
The student session basically focused on enabling students to find the ‘GOOD’ within themselves. Through stories and personal interaction, Mr. Pinto urged students to adopt 4 ‘good’ principles as ‘overall defence equipment’, and apply it in all instances so as to remain on the correct path. These simple basic foundational rules are as under:
Give a good impression, always
Obey your conscience
Observe good manners
Do not pick bad habits

TeacherThe session for teachers focussed on improving their core competencies as educators. Through stories, screening of short motivational talks, and interaction, he beautifully illustrated the seven qualities that were essential to be a good teacher.  The same is illustrated in the grid below:

The sessions were very well received by students and teachers.  Feedback was also sought from the teachers on how the sessions could be further improved as well as to identify areas that they would like to be taken up subsequently at their schools.