As a proud and grateful alumnus of the Tepper Business School, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the USA, graduating in the year 1995, Chairman Shrinivas Dempo has done more than most to revere his alma mater.

Mr. Dempo first enshrined the memory of his adored grandfather, the late Vasantrao S. Dempo, by endowing a Chair in his name at the University, dedicated to the inclusive growth of India. Please read for more details

Mr. Shrinivas V. Dempo and his wife, Ms. Pallavi S. Dempo, have now taken another step, a new one. It is to make a generous gift to support the design, construction, outfitting, future maintenance and enhancement of the first new building on the David A. Tepper Quadrangle, called the Tepper Quad Building.

The Tepper Quad Building opened at a grand inauguration held recently, as informed via a newsletter to the Carnegie Mellon University Ambassadors, including Mr. Dempo, by Mr. Farnam Jahanian, President and Henry L. Hillman President’s Chair, Carnegie Mellon University. The mail is revealing, and we are pleased to reproduce excerpts from it as follows:-

There is no more exciting time to be on a university campus than the start of fall semester. New students and faculty are finding their place in the rich Carnegie Mellon culture, as they add their fresh viewpoints to energize our classrooms, labs and studios. And returning community members bring renewed focus following summer research activities, trips abroad to meet with collaborators and special projects that help them articulate new lines of inquiry to advance their fields. It’s a time when the promise of what we are achieving together inspires us to work harder and dream bigger.

This fall certainly feels like the beginning of a new era at CMU. Just last month we celebrated the grand opening of the spectacular David A. Tepper Quadrangle, or Tepper Quad, as it’s commonly known. The first building to be completed on this expansion of our Pittsburgh campus is the largest construction project in our history. But its size is eclipsed by the flurry of activities within its walls, which, by the way, are easily reconfigurable for maximum adaptability in the years to come. Here, multiple disciplines converge under one roof and the finest student experience is integrated in every element. The Tepper Quad is poised to spark research endeavours, forge business ventures, and even create new fields at the edges and intersections of traditional boundaries. I am grateful to David Tepper for his generosity, as well as for the commitment of 1,249 donors who supported this historic project, which will catalyze connection, collaboration and entrepreneurship at CMU.

The Tepper Quad is a strong representation of CMU’s vision for the future of higher education, and also reflects several themes that will drive our mission in the coming years. It is becoming clear that the story of this century will depend on how well our global society navigates the increasingly complex intersection of technology and humanity — and this is a story that Carnegie Mellon is singularly positioned to write. Our experts have spawned and advanced the very fields transforming our world, but what makes us truly unique is the way our scholars — from scientists to humanists to artists and everyone in between — are passionately working to ensure technological progress benefits humankind.

We invite you warmly to watch the photo gallery, including the university’s gesture in naming a section of the Tepper Quad ‘The Dempo Student Services Suite’!

Images credit: CMU Donor Relations.